Saturday, April 14, 2012

☀ Sunlit Sunday (#15): Last "Link-Up" for the Season

"Sunlit Sunday" was created as a means to share a little sunshine during the long, grey days of winter.

Spring has arrived in this part of the world and soon there will be plenty of  blooms to rival the orchid blossoms inside my home.

This will be the final "Sunlit Sunday", for now. 

Thank you so much to all who have linked posts, whether once or many times. I've enjoyed learning how to set up this meme and visiting every guest each week.

 Let's reconvene next winter, shall we?
 Bring a friend. 
I'll bake something. 

(Maybe I'll slip in a little gathering now and again before the snow flies.)


  1. It has been lots of fun linking up each week with Sunlit Sunday and I have really enjoyed visiting all the participants. It has been a wonderful way to get through those last weeks of winter. Thanks for all your time and effort setting it up for us. Looking forward to next year.

  2. Thanks for hosting Sunlit Sunday meme. It's been so much fun linking up and visiting the other participants.
    I don't think my garden is going to produce anything more beautiful than that orchid in your house!

  3. Ditto to what the others have said I was sad to see this was the last one. So I will be waiting on you to start it up again .. Thank you so much for hosting.. Your pictures and your orchid are beautiful very, very pretty.

    Big hugs, Cherry

  4. So sorry this is the last one for awhile. Will be waiting to start up again. Your photos are beautiful and this has been one of the highlights of my blogging week.

  5. Just come on to this page this morning and meant me was your stunning beautiful Orchid.

  6. Thanks for hosting this meme in which I have very much enjoyed participating.

  7. Will certainly miss the opportunity to have my Sunday brightened by the lovely posts here, but will wait in great anticipation for the return of Sunlit Sunday in the Fall!!! You pictures are so very beautiful!!! My best wishes!!! Cathy

  8. Thank you so much Karen for hosting Sunlit Sundays . I have enjoyed the linking up. Have a great week.

  9. I love that profile photo of you, it's simply a beautiful shot....

    Gorgeous orchid, they certainly do make the winter a brighter place.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. Hi Karen
    Wouldn't you know I'd miss the last week! I was away and didn't take my computer but I did enjoy linking up each week. Thanks for hosting and it will be fun to pick up again this winter.

  11. Hello Karen,

    I came late to the parties, but will look forward to joining in next winter. Thank you for hosting. Your orchid blossoms are gorgeous!

  12. Sundays are often busy for me, but I have enjoyed the few Sunday linking parties I have been able to participate in. The second shot of your orchid is especially lovely. The iridescent white petals seem to glow in the sunlight.

  13. Love the idea of sunlit sunday! And your photos are stunning!

  14. Thank-you for dropping by this morning...Your photos are absolutely stunning. A wonderful place to sit, drink coffee and enjoy your notes. I love your Sunlit Posts, and would love to join in next fall when you start up again...I've often joined Susannne at Friday's FAVE Five...It's fun meme highlighting the week.

  15. Your photos are so beautiful! Orchids are amazing plants, aren't they?




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