Saturday, January 30, 2016

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 3

Hello and welcome. When the sun isn't shining and Sunlit Sunday is fast approaching, you point the camera at something pretty anyway. This amaryllis is adding some zip to my living room and I'm glad about that.

Even on the greyest day, there is bound to be something to brighten things up. You know how it is; the more you look, the more you see.

Now, Purl (my foster cat) knows all about appreciating the creature comforts of life and finding sunny moments. I've been noticing her absence today. Last night, she started an Extended Visit with a nice couple considering adopting her. The wonderful thing about an EV is that people have a chance to see if the cat or dog that interests them is a good fit. An EV happens only after an application, interview and so forth. I'll have to wait and see what happens! Patience is not always my strong suit. Whether or not an adoption results, it was a bright spot knowing that Purl was finally getting some serious attention. After all, she comes with almost 7 years of cat experience!

Your turn. What brightened up your week?
All are welcome to participate.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 2

Thank you very much to those who participated in Sunlit Sunday last week and who visited the linked posts. I know I enjoyed that part! One thing: I noticed that there were some blogs that accepted only Google+ comments. In those cases, I looked for an email so I could contact you that way. Is there a way around this little problem of not being about to comment, does anyone know, without setting up a Google+ account?

There was intermittent sunshine in my corner of Canada this week. Whether bright or dull outside, it's a always pleasure to pick up a good book. The one pictured here is Louise Penny's The Nature of the Beast. Some of you may be as hooked on Penny's series as Yours Truly. I just happened to notice the sunlight on it and reached for the camera.

This is another afternoon view. I always find the play of light and shadow fascinating.

Please don't assume I spend all my time indoors. Bundled up in snow pants, boots and all kinds of winter paraphernalia, I went on a hike Thursday morning in one of my region's conservation areas.

It was a beautiful day and 14 of us enjoyed taking in the woodland and water views. I should be doing this sort of thing more often!

Did you find some sunshine this week, literal or figurative?
It's your turn!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 1 (2016 Season)

Hello and welcome to Sunlit Sunday! The purpose of this little annual gathering to to focus on the sunny things in your life and to share them during, for many of us, the grey days of wintertime. Let's celebrate this season, whether it's snow-covered and cold or bright and warm in your part of the world. You may have noticed that this first photo does not feature any sunbeams. It just goes to show that the bright spots in life needn't feature literal rays of light, but rather things that bring you a bit of joy.

The sun did make a brief appearance this morning, so I whisked the paperwhites into the kitchen for another quick photo. I have a few pots of these in the house; most have yet to open. It's lovely to something blooming and fragrant in January.

Also in the kitchen, some fruit in the sunlight. Nothing fancy, but who says a shining spot in the day needs to be grand to be appreciated!

For those of you have been here before, you may recall that I foster for a local animal rescue group, one cat at a time. This is Purl. The sky may have been overcast when this was taken today, but she brightens up my home with her personality and purrs. I'll forgive her for claiming my chair when I got up to take a few photos. The girl likes to be comfortable!

All are welcome to participate in Sunlit Sunday. Here are the guidelines.
Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hello Again (& ☀Sunlit Sunday Soon)

Hello again. It's been a very long while since I've posted. I spend a fair amount of time on my laptop for some volunteering I'm doing and I was getting a wee bit tired of looking at the screen. Hence, my lengthy absence from blogging. Then, I told myself I needed to update my header to reflect the winter season and to start visiting blogs again before I posted something. Phooey to that, here I am, wishing you a Happy New Year with springtime blooms in the header. C'est la vie!

To catch up a bit, here is the finished knitting project that I hinted at months ago. This little girl is one of the mice from Mary Jane's Tearoom. I haven't made a toy before and I know I have a couple of things I'd do a bit differently, but any little blunders are completely my own fault and certainly not that of the wonderful pattern.

It was a fun project! I find myself perching this mouse around the house.

Currently, she is sitting on my desk to act as a reminder that I want to be more creative and make things in 2016. I'll have to think about that and figure out some plans.

Speaking of plans, a few people have emailed and asked if ☀ Sunlit Sunday would be running again this winter. Since there is a some interest, let's start it up again this coming weekend. I'll put up a post at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Saturday evening and we'll see who drops by to add a link to their sunlit post. For those who are unfamiliar with ☀Sunlit Sunday, the details are below. All are welcome to join in and help brighten up the winter months, even if it isn't winter in your part of the world.

  1. Create a post on the following theme: "sunlit". You may choose to include photos and/or words that illustrate a sunlit place or thing, a "sunny disposition", a sunny thought, or any other sunlit-related idea. Have fun with this! Be literal or figurative; be you!
  2. All photos must be your own or used with the express permission of the photographer.
  3. Copy my URL for this week's "Sunlit Sunday" and create a link on your post that will lead back here.
  4. Copy the URL for your specific post and add it to the amazing linking tool, below.
  5. Testing the links would be a great idea!
  6. The more links you visit and comment on, the more fun you'll have. Let's spread a little sunshine!
Thank you for dropping by today!


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