Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting Ready

With a houseguest coming for a few days, it was time to spruce up the spare room. Funny, it didn't seem like work, given there were pretty things to arrange.

The usual white sheets were in the wash (having an unexpected visitor a few nights ago) and the surprisingly warm day reminded me of these patterned ones. Ferns in the garden, ferns on the bed. Why not? It's still a long time until the snow comes!

My cousin jokingly says that a guest room shouldn't be so comfortable that the visitor wants to stay too long! The room may be small, but facing south, it's improved by lots of sunshine.

The wonderful quilt, made by my sister-in-law, certainly adds some cheery colour.

If the nights get chilly, there's a duvet at hand, as well as this multi-coloured quilt, made by my mother.

I do hope my guest doesn't mind a long-eared roommate, crafted by my niece. I had it tucked away for awhile, thinking I was much too old for a fabric bunny. Oh, well! I'm as young as I'm ever going to be, right?

Puttering about, I found myself appreciating the things around me, and the people who use this space. As a result, preparing the room wasn't a chore. 

Sure hope I keep this attitude while cleaning the bathroom!

Warm Wishes,

Monday, September 26, 2011

Evening Calm

 Sometimes, in the evening, a nice cup of tea seems just right.

The pink teacup was one of my mother's.

As the sun sets, "Evening Calm" seems an appropriate choice for a "cuppa".

The ingredients, as listed on the packet, are: 
blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, lavender flowers, orange peel, rose flowers, 
sunflower blossoms, and rosehip shells. 

Fragrant and tasty!

It's time to sit and sip.

The aroma is enticing.

Need I say more?

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Thank you so much for visiting. I enjoy the company! Let me get another teacup...

Warm Wishes,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Roses and Black-Eyed Susan Vine

If you stroll around my garden, you'll still find some blooms. 
These rosy reds continue to forge ahead.

The sunshiny Susans determinedly cling to the weather-beaten cedar fence.

I had better enjoy the colour while it's still here!

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Warm Wishes,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rosehips and Ramblings...

Most of the leaves in the neigbourhood are still green, but a few have taken on their autumn coat of colour. The red maple leaf is such an iconic symbol for this country.

Other reds are also found in my garden. This old rose bush has almost as many rosehips as it does thorns; the masses of white flowers have long since gone.

Change is happening all around me, summer has officially ended, and yet... seems Mother Nature does not run by the calendar. My spirea is blooming above the dark leaves and producing some glowing, spring green ones!

Just goes to show, some things may end, but other fresh beginnings are always at hand.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Warm wishes to you,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crafty Woman? I Gave it a Go!

Unlike many of the talented bloggers I read, I am not a very "crafty" person. In a recent post, I asked if anyone knew how to make a hydrangea wreath, as I have plenty of flowers in my backyard. Two are young, small plants and a third is enormous! In the summer, its blooms are white, turn to green, and then to a brown/copper colour later in the season.

The help I needed came from Donna at The Country Nest. She provided some excellent tips and sent a link to a post she had written a couple of years ago. I'm not going to go into the steps here because her post is well written, has really useful photos, and was clear enough for a non-crafty type to understand!

Thanks to Donna, I've made a wreath. (Should I keep or "lose" the bow? Replace it with something else?) 

Needless say, I'm "following" Donna now and have put her site on my blogroll. You should see her current post: My Potting Shed.  I'd love to work in that space. She even has a beautiful, colourful wreath on the door! I hope you'll wander over there for a visit.

This week, I'm linking with Mary at Little Red House for "Mosaic Monday". Her blog is another one well worth a look.

Before you head out, I'd be thrilled if you'd leave a comment. I really appreciate hearing from you.
(Hmmm, I wonder what can be done with rose hips...)

Warm wishes, all!

One Quick Note, One Quick Photo

Fresh Picked in an Olive Wood Bowl

Just a quick note to say I do hope you're enjoying your September Sunday. Do you have any plans for the day?

Warm Wishes,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Come Inside

For me, part of the pleasure of having a garden is bringing flowers indoors. A sweet smelling rose in a handcrafted pottery vase makes me happy.

This golden glow brightens up the living room.

As the evening wears on, I like the silhouettes against the backdrop of lace curtains.

Ahhh, hydrangeas! They are perfect for picking at this time of year.

They get plunked in a pitcher, no water required, and they dry beautifully. One bouquet is for me to keep. A second one, below, will go to a lovely friend.

I'm thinking about trying to make a project with hydrangeas and an old grapevine wreath. Has anyone done this? All tips will be gratefully accepted!

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Thank you for visiting. I'm always thrilled to read your comments!

Warm wishes,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hungry?: Fromagerie Discoveries

Those who dropped by in August know that a friend and I recently did some traveling in beautiful, eastern Canada. Aside from the wonderful scenery and people, there was cheese!

(Click here for each section of the road trip: 1, 2, 3)

One place we explored was Prince Edward Island.  We knew about Cheese Lady's Gouda from a visit we made last year. The cheese is made on the premises, which is in a verdant setting, complete with hay bales and pasturing sheep. Last year, I picked up the classic, plain gouda. This year, I went with one wheel of herb and garlic, and a smaller wheel flavoured with pepper and mustard. The former is delicious, the latter I have yet to sample...but I know it will be tasty!

While in Quebec, well stocked with fromageries (cheese makers/shops), I spotted a cheese named "La Notre-Dames-des-Neiges". The beautiful label and name (which means "Our Lady of the Snow") was not to be resisted!

Traveling on...

More cheese was purchased on the drive through "La Belle Province". After all, I can't buy these ones at home! Here are the translations of the colourful names (and links).

Le Ciel de Charlevoix - The Sky of Charlevoix

La Belle Brune de Charlevoix - The Beautiful Brunette from Charlevoix
L'Heritage Fromagerie des Basques  - The Heritage of Basques Cheese

Come on over to my little home so we can share all of these PEI and Quebec cheeses!

I'm happy to be linking with Mary at Little Red House for "Mosaic Monday". 
Update: Thank you to Beth for inviting me to join her at Beyond the Garden Gate: Travels Near and Far.

Warm wishes,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Last Hurrah

September has rolled around. It's the time of year when the days are starting to cool, but still too early for the leaves on the trees to have changed colour. My morning glories seem happy.

The roses don't miss the hot, humid days of summer. They've rallied!

New shoots and fresh blooms have appeared.

Some may be a bit faded around the edges.

Others dispense an overwhelming fragrance. It must be their last hurrah before Autumn throws on a sweater, settles in, and makes herself at home in the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, at the back of the garden, the new rudbeckia is offering a harvest of sunshine, even when the rain falls.

Before the summer officially departs, I need to get done what needs doing. Meet my role model.

Enjoy September, everyone!

I'm pleased to be linking with Fishtail Cottage for "Cottage Flora Thursday".

Warm wishes,

Backyard Picks (Literally)

Today, I'm offering fewer words, and a quick look at some backyard picks. 
First, Brandywine tomatoes.

Sweet 100's, little pops of flavour.

Freshly picked rosiness and Italian flat leaf parsley.

A ripe and ready zucchini, with more anticipated.

Time to make some lunch!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Liebster Blog Award: Thank You


Quite some time ago, in August, Barb and Dell Designs gave me a Liebster Blog Award. Now, this award idea is all very new to this two-month-plus-blogger. I sent a note of thanks, but didn't think to carry on the tradition. 

I did a bit of reading and it's my understanding that some people enjoy awards and some shrink back from them. That being said, I'm passing them on in the spirit of appreciation for the pleasure these blogs have given me. Whether these folks display the Liebster or choose to participate is completely up to them! Either way, their sites are well worth a visit.

Here are the guidelines, as I understand them -and hoping the details aren't too fuzzy.

A Liebster Blog (Liebster is sweetheart in German) is meant to connect bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.

1. Link back to the blogger that gave you the award.
2. Choose 5 blogs that you would like to recommend to others. Leave a comment for each of them so that they know they've been mentioned on your blog.
3. Post the Liebster graphic on your blog.
4. Enjoy the visits that come your way.
5. To quote Barb and Dell, "Have fun and spread the karma!"

So, rather sheepish about being late, my choices (in alphabetical order) are:

1.  Fabric, Paper, Thread 
This woman likes to create, and takes beautiful photographs of nature on the west coast of Canada.

These are some gorgeous photos of Japan and an artistic look at life in that country.

3.  Handmade by Knottygal 
 If you like to knit, there are some patterns here, courtesy of this talented young woman from India.

4.  My Garden Journal
This new blogger is an English transplant living in the US and has lovely photos. This is but one of her three blogs, so be sure to travel on from her gardening one.

Since I'm sneaking several blogs into number 4, I'll leave my list at that! 

I look at my choices and think there is an aspirational component to my selecting them; I want to be more creative, a better photographer, and a competent gardener. Maybe some of the talent will rub off on me!

Take a "walk" over to these women's blogs and please leave them a comment. Encouragement is a wonderful thing!   :)
Warm wishes,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trees, Ducks, Meadows and Musings

As well as the swan photos, in my previous post, I took these shots at a local conservation area.

The spreading branches of the first tree seem to be reaching out to embrace its surroundings. I'd like to be sitting on that strong, lower limb right now, dangling my feet. Some may argue that I'm past the age of tree climbing, but I can still feel 10 years old at times. Granted, I haven't actually climbed a tree this century...

Although I'd been happily swimming along, this weekend I felt a bit older than my years, stuck my head down, and didn't see all of the loveliness in my life. Such a foolish waste of time... This duck, at least, was achieving something in this position!

So, here's to a new week, a sweet home, good friends, bloggers, brothers and others!

Next post, I'll be back in my garden. I hope you'll visit me there. Meanwhile, I truly love receiving your comments. If you leave one, I'll be pleased to answer or visit your blog.

I linking with Mary at Little Red House for "Mosaic Monday". Drop on over to her place for a visit.

Warm wishes,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Swans A-Swimming: Enjoying Nature

I need to make a point of getting out into nature more often.

I'm very fortunate to live near several conservation areas, yet don't explore them nearly often enough. Earlier this week, the day before the the window incident, a friend and I took a walk that included forest, meadows, and these lovely creatures by the water. (I can never look at swans without thinking of Hans Christian Anderson and his ugly duckling story.)

There is something so soothing about looking into the eye of a beautiful, white swan, then spotting the dangling droplet of water just about ready to fall from its beak. Any second now...

This is one thing I like about blogging: I have people with whom I can share these photographs. I hope you enjoy seeing them.

I want to take more and more photos, because I'm noticing the details of things around me. Here, beads of water softy shimmer on a backdrop of delicate, damp, gray feathers.

It's time for me to wander off for awhile.

I hope you'll leave a comment; it's a real treat to read your reaction, whether its a memory triggered, an observation made, or simply a chance to say that you were here. 

Please visit again soon,


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