Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Backyard Picks (Literally)

Today, I'm offering fewer words, and a quick look at some backyard picks. 
First, Brandywine tomatoes.

Sweet 100's, little pops of flavour.

Freshly picked rosiness and Italian flat leaf parsley.

A ripe and ready zucchini, with more anticipated.

Time to make some lunch!


  1. Your tomatoes look so good! Judy

  2. I am jealous of your squash! We had so many male flowers, and then the hurricane, and now the rains, we had ONE zucchini!! Just when the female flowers started to appear, Irene came the rains finished them totally..

  3. Those tomatoes look so delicious. Just ready to eat like an apple. great photos.

  4. Tomatoes off the vine taste like nothing else on earth. So sweet and delicious. What great photos. I pulled up our zucchini plants this week - we have enough and I wanted to put some winter veggies in their place.

  5. Delish....don't you just love seeing everything grow and produce such wonderful ediable things?

  6. Your garden is doing so well! Mine is beginning to yellow and peter out. I think we've had too much rain lately.



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