Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome, Rain!

I've always enjoyed a good rainfall.

After weeks of above average temperatures and below average precipitation, the two downpours that came within a few days were very welcome.

Street-pounding, earth-drenching, flower-sparkling rain.

Everything looked happier: the bright blooms,

and the formerly-bloomed.

Clematises are one of my favourites...

and still have a certain geometric beauty after the rich, purple petals are spent.

The sun is shining again, and the flora at My Little Home and Garden is better for the preceding cloudbursts.

"Into each life a little rain must fall," wrote Longfellow. I'm happy for the recent, literal interpretation of his lines.

Thank you for your visit. If you leave a comment, I'll be sure to respond.

I'm linking with "Cottage Flora Thursday" over at Fishtail Cottage. Take a look!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mosaic Monday: Looking for "Calm"

It's a bit of a jumble at My Little Home and Garden. Although the outside needs some attention, it is the inside that requires the most loving care. A good clear-out is in order. The Children's Wish Foundation picked up a couple of boxes of goodies on the weekend, but there is still much to attend to tomorrow. Motivation, that's what I could use! Just shovel a little of yours over this way, please!

There's something to be said for a reasonable amount of order. It's calming.

That's what I want in my little brick house: a calm, cozy, welcoming home. Well-ordered, but embracing happy projects that are underway. And some "pretty". I've seen many beautiful photographs of where you live. What is one of your favourite ways for making your house a home? I'd love to read and test drive a few ideas!

Monday is a new day, a bud full of hope. I look forward to reading your suggestions. As I'm linking with Little Red House for Mosaic Monday, I know I'm tapping into a fine, thoughtful group!

Thanks to all who've come to visit, however you found your way to my garden.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coneflowers: A Thirty Second Slideshow!

Time for another experiment. I love coneflowers; they're hardy, beautiful, and are still standing in this dry, July heat. A rather good role model for me, I'd say!

Here is a 30 second slideshow of them.

I hope you liked it.

Time for me to "buzz off" with this little bee and get a few things done.

I'm joining in with Cottage Flora Thursday over at Fishtail Cottage for the first time. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your day!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Delightful Daylilies

During these warm, languid summer days, my lilies are blooming. It's a good thing they don't seem to mind the lack of water. Nonetheless, a good downpour would be thirst-quenching for the dusty earth. Besides, my rain barrel needs a refill!

My mom used to grow lilies, which may well be one reason why I do. Is there something you grow because a loved one did (or still does)?

This stem caught my eye. With some buds stretching out to the left, others to the sky, and the bloom reaching to the right, I'm reminded of a dancer's graceful movements. Just a bit of whimsy, on my part.

I'm joining Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. Head over to Mary's blog and see her gorgeous photos!

Thank you so much for visiting. If you have a little time, linger awhile and take a look around my garden. You're welcome here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Truth be told...

I spent quite a few hours in the garden yesterday, attempting to tame things that were getting out of  control. Funny how those miniscule perennials planted in a narrow bed beside the driveway are suddenly over a metre tall and flopping downwards. And who, pray tell, knocked some daisies to the ground and nibbled on the petals? And when did the lilies grow to such mammoth proportions?

Today, I didn't work in the garden. Granted, I bought more mulch (somewhere cedars are giving up their life for my beds) but won't put it down until after I've tackled a couple of neglected areas. I mention all this lest anyone think I have a fabulous garden, like some incredible ones I've seen on a variety of blogs. Truth be told, I have some pretty bits, some weedy bits (those nasty little vines that cling to and climb the plants are back), and a very sad looking lawn. 

I'm just choosing some of the lovely parts to share. I'm not trying to hide the truth, I just find that by focusing on the positive and photographing the attractive parts of the garden that I'm encouraged to expand on that. You might say that posting here provides a bit of accountability for me to maintain things. 

Strange? Perhaps, but I think my garden is improving and that makes me smile.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Raspberry In Paris

Some dappled sunlight is coming through the window on this late afternoon. It's just the right time for a cup of tea.

A piece of Irish linen sets the proper note.

A casual mug, decorated with east coast lupins, waits while the tea steeps.

The Japanese cast iron teapot works its magic with the Parisian-inspired blend.

Just to keep the tea company, there are two overstuffed raspberry tarts. I'll share.

Excuse me, for a minute, while I choose a mug for you!

I'm linking with Silken Purse, for Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday and Sweetology for Tea Party Tuesday. Once again, I'm just trying something new.

Thank you for visiting my initial "tea post". I hope you'll return soon.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My First Mosaic Monday: Roses and Nova Scotia

Welcome. I do love roses, particularly if they have a wonderful fragrance. These are some of the ones that live in my garden. As I'm participating in my first Mosaic Monday over at Little Red House, I thought I'd share them with you. Go ahead, take a sniff and then pick a blossom or two for your bedside table!

If maritime scenery is more to your taste, perhaps you'll enjoy these photos of northern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. It's a captivating place; the mountains and the sea are an inspiring pair!

Thank you so much for visiting and please come again. You (and your comments) are always welcome at My Little Home and Garden.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Responses to Comments: Sorry, I Goofed!

First of all, I'm sorry. I goofed. Many people have been kind enough to leave comments since this blog began in mid-June. I have been responding to them, however, I was responding in the comment section of each post.

The lovely woman behind Lavender Cottage pointed out, ever so tactfully, that most people would not return to posts to see my responses to their comments. She suggested helpful, alternative ways to correspond with them.

Thank you, Judith! I'm turning over a new leaf.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My First Photo Collages!

As I browse through blogs, I often see lovely collages. Since there is no satisfaction like learning something new, this evening was the time to experiment!

Dear Readers, if you will indulge me, here are my first 3 collages. Ever.  

In the first one, above, I thought I'd play with the contrast between the pure white daisies and the reddish-orange geranium blossom.

This lavender-coloured rose bush, which has a heavenly sweet scent, is fairly close in hue to my coneflowers. I decided to put the two of them adjacent to each other.

The theme in my final collage was "growth". Literally, from daisy bud to daisy. Figuratively, it could represent my developing (I hope!) blogging skills.

There are many exciting things to learn in blogging. In reading various ones, I stumble across ideas such as tea, mosaic, floral, and oodles-of-other-special-day-of-the-week posts. Or parties. Or something! I haven't tried any of those yet; perhaps that could be my next challenge.

I'd appreciate any feedback you could give on my maiden voyage into collages. As well, any thoughts on where I should start as a participant in a special themed blogging day? (Or whatever they are called. Hmmm, I think I need to learn the proper lingo!) I'm interested in home and garden themes, I just haven't traveled in my house with the camera yet. (The dust bunnies are awaiting their photo op.)

Thank you for your ideas. Bye for now!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Arbour Reflections

an arbour

encouraging others 
to climb 
in triumph

keeping them 
from being 
pummeled to the ground
when the storms come

upholding them 
a safe place
for new growth

a harmonious haven

 an arbour
a friend

Do you have an "arbour" in your life?  Perhaps you are an "arbour" in someone else's.  

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Several years ago, I purchased a tiny pot of delightful, yellow coreopsis.  

This mainstay of my garden, with the seemingly delicate flowers that waft in the whispering breeze, is remarkably rugged.

It has grown, thrived, and propagated effortlessly. If I had a bare spot of ground that needed a blast of glowing radiance, I pulled some shallow-rooted coreopsis out of the now-substantial-clump and plunked it elsewhere!

Delicate and strong. Both descriptors are applicable to coreopsis - and sometimes people.

a bud of promise
a blossom of radiance
brightening the day

Would you care to leave a comment? I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pollinating Blogs

Partially hidden among the leaves, but still catching some early rays of sunlight, is my first coneflower bloom of the season. This blog is a bit like the flower.

My Little Home and Garden was almost hidden, among so many, but was given some light -a closer look- by Cozy Little House. 

Being one of the featured blogs there this week has "pollinated" this spot. So many of Cozy's friends have come to visit. I am grateful.

Today, I made a lovely, unexpected discovery. The beautiful Lavender Cottage has kindly mentioned this blog and suggested her readers pop by to take a peek. More "pollination". More gratitude.

I am overwhelmed by the kindness of the women who write the aforementioned two blogs. One American, one Canadian. Both so neighbourly.

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

It's my country's birthday today. I feel like I've received the gifts. Happy Canada Day, wherever in the world you call home. I hope you'll come again.


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