Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome, Rain!

I've always enjoyed a good rainfall.

After weeks of above average temperatures and below average precipitation, the two downpours that came within a few days were very welcome.

Street-pounding, earth-drenching, flower-sparkling rain.

Everything looked happier: the bright blooms,

and the formerly-bloomed.

Clematises are one of my favourites...

and still have a certain geometric beauty after the rich, purple petals are spent.

The sun is shining again, and the flora at My Little Home and Garden is better for the preceding cloudbursts.

"Into each life a little rain must fall," wrote Longfellow. I'm happy for the recent, literal interpretation of his lines.

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  1. The flowers and leaves are gorgeous with the rain drops on. They look so happy.


  2. Hi, Karen!
    How beautiful your flowers are!
    After raining, flowers come to life gracefully!!
    I love all of them. Especially the first one is my favorite.
    Enjoy your days!

  3. What would happen if we had no beautfiul rain drops to enrich our blooms? We wouldnt have beautiful flowers like yours! Very nice!

  4. One does appreciate the rain... after a month with no rain, we've had over four inches this week and both myself and the gardens are greatly refreshed... lovely photos. Larry

  5. Beautiful pictures! Rain always makes the garden feel fresh and clean, you captured the garden's happiness well. Happy Gardening ~ Jacque

  6. Love your pictures! Rain does make everything seem more energized! Gorgeous flowers!

  7. The dead clematis blooms with the raindrops on them is gorgeous. I love to take photos after a rainfall too. It makes everything more vivid.

  8. Beutiful photograhs.

    I really enjoyed looking at them.

  9. The faded clematis blooms are so cool.

  10. Very lovely photos!
    I love your blog. Thanks for sharing with me, glad to be here.

  11. Hi Karen
    Love all the raindrops you captured on the fantastic macro shots.
    I'm so happy there was rain while we were gone, everything looks good.
    We were at a cottage on Lake Huron at Grand Bend and had thunder storms several nights but lovely weather during the day. I could become a beach granny. :-)

  12. Your photos are so beautiful and refreshing - the flowers with raindrops look so pretty. I too love clematis, and the seed heads look amazing!
    Helen x

  13. Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's last week! Such pretty photo's...curious what that one orange vine one is....if you know, please do let me's so striking! Hope to see you again this upcoming week! xoxo, tracie

  14. WOW!! wonderful thank you for your efforts to share the Beauty



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