Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zucchini and Tomato Blossoms

In a cottage garden, vegetables are planted amongst the flowers. Intermingled with my lilies and coneflowers are 4 zucchini and 8 tomato plants. I'm enjoying watching them grow and have eaten a few of the former. Several more are on the kitchen counter, ready to make their way to the freezer. On frosty winter days, I'll pull out packets of zucchini and tuck into my own small harvest. Or large! I may need some recipes...

These plants aren't as far along, but plenty of blossoms hold the promise of tiny Sweet 100 and larger Brandywine tomatoes.

It's funny how more growth is taking place at the back of the garden.

With Mother Nature's continued cooperation (there is a heavy rainfall going on right now), I'll have plenty of zucchinis and tomatoes to enjoy and share. It is a rather satisfying feeling!

Thank you so much for visiting. I've opened the garden gate at Fishtail Cottage where I'm participating in "Cottage Flora Thursday" . Take a wander over to see a variety of lovely blogs.


  1. Hi Karen
    Your tomatoes are about where mine are, green but lots of them! I should throw some zucchini in with my flowers, but I've heard they keep producing until all your neighbours won't answer the door when they see you headed their way bearing gifts of green. :-)

  2. I am enjoying vegtables in the flower garden, too this year. You are so fortunate to be getting that beautiful rain to help your blossoms along. I love cherry tomatos and yours look like they are producing abundantly!

  3. I love the idea of interplanting vegetables and flowers...a potager! Everything looks so healthy and bountiful. Those are going to be wonderful tomatoes! have a super day!

  4. Your vegetables are looking great. I am harvesting a lot now too.
    Ohio Outdoors

  5. Love your photos!! Our tomatoes and zucchini are all gone...:-( As soon as it gets hot here everything just starts shriveling.

    Have a great day!!

  6. Hi,Karen.
    I really like the step by step photos and seeing how it bocome grown tomato! The large zucchini looks delicious!

  7. Your garden looks so good. Have you ever tried to grow pumpkins? Judy

  8. Your garden looks absolutely wonderful! I love the wonderful yellow of zucchini blossoms. Truly the picture of summer.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  9. Your garden looks great! My tomatoes are green too. Just waiting for them to turn!

  10. Thank you for posting about flowers and vegetables together. One of the best trends in gardening today- or anyday.

  11. Nothing like fresh veggies! I'm picking toms and zukes too ♥
    Have a great weekend!

  12. I plant flowers with the vegetables too. A necessity, because this year I've lost several tomatoes to wilt, darn it. The Roma that's left is producing delicious tomatoes though. Your tomatoes look fantastic.

  13. What lovely tomatoes - it looks like you'll have a nice bumper crop this year.. rain, neverending rain seems the theme of this summer. Thankfully, the tomatoes don't seem to mind too much! Thanks for sharing..

  14. I see you are more clever than I am and pick your squash before they are the size of a baseball bat. Will I every learn. They seem to double in size some days. Nancy



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