Saturday, March 28, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: The Final Week

It's 7 pm as I write this, there's daylight outside, the Mourning Doves are cooing and the sky is blue! That must mean it's time to wrap up Sunlit Sunday for another season. Thank you for linking and/or visiting the posts you've found here.

I may not have anything but snowdrops in the garden, but there will be crocuses blooming soon, at least inside. These one are now in pretty pottery pots.

My indoor garden remains a bit confused about the time of year. The shamrock is producing a few blooms, in a nod to St. Patrick's Day past.

The amaryllis flower will open soon. There was a second one, but in moving the pot from one spot to another I knocked it off the stem. Arghhh! I saved it, though, and it's sitting in a bit of water. I'll see what happens. Maybe it will still think it's Christmastime and unfurl its petals.

As for my foster girl, Cameo, she has begun a second week of her Extended Visit. She's a big hit with the people in the household of the applicant; they're hoping a second week will have her be more open to the presence of the dog. Cameo has been content to curl up in laps, get petted and brushed and hasn't seen the need to become further acquainted with the other 4 footed resident! The story continues . . .

It's your turn, now. Even if you haven't participated before, you're welcome to do so for this final Sunlit Sunday for 2015.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: The Penultimate Week

Happy Spring! It has officially arrived here and most of the snow has melted away. It was time to pull out the rabbit and hang the wreath on the door.

Even better, it was time to admire the snowdrops that have finally bloomed, little clumps of them here and there in the garden. Whatever the sky may say, it's a sunny day when those first shoots pop out of the ground.

A couple of snowdrops made in it indoors for closer inspection and just to celebrate the new season's arrival.

Such a simple thing can bring such pleasure.

On the foster front, last night Cameo went on her Extended Visit to the home of a lovely woman who applied for her. The Meet and Greet last Saturday, which included her dog, was a success. Now it's a matter of seeing how Cameo fits into her home and, more specifically, whether the cat accepts living with the dog. He is used to cats; we'll see if Cameo adjusts to him. She certainly likes people! The EV is scheduled for a week, but can be adjusted if need be. It's quite the process; 2 volunteers there last evening, dealing with paperwork and answering/asking questions. That was another bright spot in the week, seeing a couple of volunteers give up part of their Friday evening (after working all week) to help with animal rescue. It warms my heart.

Your turn. This is the second last week of Sunlit Sunday.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 11

Life is a little bit full right now, so I'll be brief. My sunny news of the week is that Cameo had a "Meet and Greet" today. She met a lovely woman and her very large Golden rescue who is a certified therapy dog. He visits hospitals and seniors. Isn't that great?

The visit went well, so a home visit will be scheduled next in order to see if the critters can live happily under the same roof. Cross your fingers, please! This nine year old kitty may just have some Irish luck going for her!

I will get around to visit the posts I missed from last week and all from this set. I do apologize for being so painfully slow this year in getting back to you!

Your turn, now.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 10

I have a bit of a hodgepodge of photos this week. In lieu of just literal sunshine, I'm including things that bring on a sunny mood. For example, last week Lorrie (of Fabric Paper Thread) shared her recipe for Carrot Ginger Soup and I had a lovely time puttering in the kitchen making it. It's delicious, by the way!

After baking many chicken pieces one afternoon, more kitchen puttering the next day led to a rather old school chicken casserole. Warm, comfort food on a cold day just works.

It's seems I've fallen into a food theme at this point. Another day, another place to put some chicken. I gather you can tell the photo was an afterthought, given the way things are splayed about on the plate. It was a tasty lunch, though, with mixed greens, red peppers, green apples, onions, chicken, and a sprinkling of crumbled blue cheese.

Moving on to non-edible greenery, this amaryllis is one I purchased for Christmas 2013. I put it outside the following summer, brought it back in when fall arrived and then neglected the poor thing. With nothing to lose, I've been watering it lately and things are happening. Maybe there will be an amaryllis for St. Patrick's Day!

If so, it will go well with the currently (out of season) blooming Christmas cactus. One thing about having a plant that has failed to produce more than a couple of flowers per year is that this person really appreciates it when it puts on a better show!

Always putting on a good show is my foster, even squinting in the sunshine. Just today, someone inquired about adopting a cat and one of the contenders she mentioned is 9 year old Cameo. I'll have to wait and see how this plays out, but it was wonderful to read that she did not care about the age of the cat she adopts. Now, that's a piece of sunny news!

Your turn. Remember, Sunlit Sunday will wind up at the end of March.
Have a lovely week.


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