Saturday, March 28, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: The Final Week

It's 7 pm as I write this, there's daylight outside, the Mourning Doves are cooing and the sky is blue! That must mean it's time to wrap up Sunlit Sunday for another season. Thank you for linking and/or visiting the posts you've found here.

I may not have anything but snowdrops in the garden, but there will be crocuses blooming soon, at least inside. These one are now in pretty pottery pots.

My indoor garden remains a bit confused about the time of year. The shamrock is producing a few blooms, in a nod to St. Patrick's Day past.

The amaryllis flower will open soon. There was a second one, but in moving the pot from one spot to another I knocked it off the stem. Arghhh! I saved it, though, and it's sitting in a bit of water. I'll see what happens. Maybe it will still think it's Christmastime and unfurl its petals.

As for my foster girl, Cameo, she has begun a second week of her Extended Visit. She's a big hit with the people in the household of the applicant; they're hoping a second week will have her be more open to the presence of the dog. Cameo has been content to curl up in laps, get petted and brushed and hasn't seen the need to become further acquainted with the other 4 footed resident! The story continues . . .

It's your turn, now. Even if you haven't participated before, you're welcome to do so for this final Sunlit Sunday for 2015.


  1. Thank you Karen for hosting these parties. I hope Cameo continues to settle into her new home nicely. I snapped off one of my amaryllis blooms back at Christmas- so frustrating! I stuck it in water and it finished opening. Have a great spring and enjoy your blooms!

  2. Thank you Karen for hosting Sunlit Sunday. The weather doesn't seem to want you to end this uplifting meme. I don't want this to be the last Sunlit Sunday for the year! Spring is not quite here yet and we need this meme to keep us happy until it comes. I hope Cameo opens up to all members of her possible family. Until next year, Karen. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for hosting. I wish Cameo the very best! I enjoyed your pretty photos tonight. Wishing you a blessed Sunday.

  4. Cameo's visit is going well, the mourning doves are cooing at a still daylight 7pm, and I'm waking to crepes adorned with the first sweet strawberries of the season...I guess it must be spring!

    Thank you, Karen, for hosting this most lovely meme, a warm and cheery greeting to my Sunday mornings, whatever the weather. I will miss this wonderful gathering of bloggers, as well as your gracious presence and voice.

    Until next time, wishing you a very happy spring in my favourite place in the world.


  5. Thank you so very much for hosting Karen. This has been my first year with you all and I have enjoyed every week reading and getting to know you all. I hope you have many sunlit moments throughout the year and hope that many if you continue to pop over to say hello to me as I will with you all. Sending love, warmth and friendship to you all ❤️

  6. Nice photos, in the tird, behind the hippeastrum it seems like a blackbird in my imagination.
    It must be hard for an old cat come to terms with a dog - wish her good luck!
    Have a great spring and summertime, enjoy the seasons to the next Sunlit Sunday (I've subscribe your posts)
    Thanks for hosting

  7. Thank you for hosting Sunlit Sunday over the past three months - I've enjoyed playing along with you!
    The crocuses look lovely - that's a beautiful deep blue and I love the patterned tray.
    I'm guilty of the plastic pots too as you'll see in my post!
    I'm so happy to hear the good news of Cameo, fingers crossed she can cope with the canine family member.
    Please keep us posted - it's amazing how we become attached to these furballs, Snowball quickly found her way into my heart and I'm missing her now.

    Enjoy your Spring Karen, I will miss the group too!

    Take care and thank you

    Shane x

  8. Thanks you for hosting it was fun and I enjoyed seeing others photos and blogs . Lovely photos here and I am glad to hear all is going well for Cameo . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. So glad we made it back from Florida in time to link-up! Have a great week Karen, I will keep my fingers crossed that Cameo will sail through her time with her possible new owners!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  10. It has been wonderful sharing sunlit moments on sundays with you and others around the world. Thank you so much for hosting and organising us all! I hope that the rest of the year will be sunny for everyone wherever they are and that Cameo will soon be permanently settled in her new home! I am looking forward to next year already - no pressure! xx

  11. Thank you for hosting this wonderful group. I do hope things work out for Cameo and a new permanent family will be enjoyed. Take care x

  12. Thank you very much, Karen, for hosting this lovely link party! It has been so nice to visit beautiful blogs and see many sunlit posts. We will miss Sunlit Sundays, but we will visit each other during the year and look forward to the next year's edition. Happy spring to everybody!

  13. Thank you for hosting this meme again this year. It has been a pleasure to participate. And I'm so happy that Cameo has likely found a good home!

  14. Thanks for hosting Sunlit Sunday over the winter months and getting us to seek out some sunshine. I'm so glad that things seem to be working out for Cameo.

  15. Extending Cameo's stay sounds Shamrock is blooming still too...but since we have snow on most of my garden bed, it will be a long time before flowers emerge! Thank you for bringing us "sunlit" days...:)JP

  16. This is sad I love joining in with Sunlit Sunday even though it was not like thhat here today. Look forward to joining again on the next one and thanks for being a great hoast

  17. Thank you, Karen, for hosting Sunlit Sunday. It's a lovely gathering. I'm sorry I didn't join in this last one - the weekend seemed to fly by with no time for blogs or blogging (or even photography).
    Soon your garden will fill you with delight! Spring is coming!

  18. Sunlit Sunday posts have been a joy to read.... thank you.
    Happy to read that Cameo is doing well, and hopefully with her new 'forever family' too :)

    Have a happy day!

  19. Im a new only got to do Sunlit Sunday once or twice!.....but enjoyed it so much. Will you be doing anything similar now to replace it?



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