Monday, July 30, 2012

Flights of Fancy on a Hot Summer Day

There are times when the pleasure and romance of a garden is put aside and its maintenance becomes a beast that growls or whines to get one's attention. This morning, although hot, was the time to do a bit of overdue weeding, deadheading, lawn-mowing and so forth. Not all of it, mind you, just some.

How could one lawn have so many weeds?

How could so many determined, 
single-minded bits of unwanted greenery 
 spring up between the patio bricks?

Sharp weeding tool in hand, I thought about the British mysteries I occasionally read (a memory instigated by my murderous thoughts regarding the unwelcome vegetation, I suspect).

For a little light reading, I'll sometimes indulge in a "cozy". Picture, for example, a single, middle-aged, female protagonist who has "a man" come to do the digging and repairs. She may even have a woman "to do" for her, not everything, perhaps the "deep cleaning" in her impossibly-charmingly-thatched-cottage. (I'd be just as happy with a woman doing the maintenance and the man deep-cleaning; my daydreams are equal opportunity employers.)

You know, the kind of home that has a name like "Rose Cottage" with a little stone wall and a cat or two snoozing by the hearth or purring contentedly in the garden.  

The only thing marring this idyllic scene is the certitude that at least one pesky corpse would be discovered amongst the hollyhocks, in the hedgerow, or some such similar place.)

Let's just blame the sun for this little flight of fancy. It's hot out there, the kind of day where I think about the time that one house demands and whether I really should continue my search for another one, or just find a lovely, maintenance-free condo where 
I could take a dip in the cool pool,
 or lock my door,
plane ticket in hand,
and know that all would 
                be safe in my absence.

Then again...

I could keep searching for the elusive house, not quite as little as my current one, and hire out some shoveling snow or cutting the grass.

There you have some little ideas that than ran through my head as they tried to escape the club of heat being wielded by the sun...

They'll pass by and more sensible ones will take residence. 
I hope.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Down Came the Rain

There's nothing like rain...

to encourage some green in the garden.
Let's grow, everybody!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blooms and Biscuits

I'm crossing my fingers for rain tonight, as it has been noticeably absent this summer. There is a lot to be said for flowers that carry on by themselves, rain or not.

I'm all for beautiful blooms, but the idea of toiling in the summer sun is somewhat less appealing. Fortunately, my plants and I have an understanding. If you're an herb, a tomato, or a cucumber, I'll visit my rain barrel on your behalf.

Anything else, please take care of yourselves, won't you?
As for the weeds, sigh, I'll get to you soon. 

Just not right now.
I'll be lounging and nibbling on cottage cheese biscuits.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some of This and Some of That

It's been a little of this and a little of that for the past week.
Some poking around the garden.

Some wishing for more rain.

Some hoping for masses of cool-hued hydrangea blooms.
I have plenty of white, more than one blue would be glorious!

Some basking in a rainbow.
The back garden is full of wild, cottage colour, 
with a few tomatoes, 
and herbs
 squeezed in for good measure.

Some organizing and some bread-baking with  a freebie "points card" bread machine, whose maiden voyage was today. I do feel like I'm cheating, not making bread by hand. My mother always said kneading bread was a good way to work out her frustrations.

Maybe she was trying to tell me something.

Finally, some card-making.
Regular readers may recognize a few of the photos. 
I have a couple of notes that need writing and now I'm ready to do so.

All well and good, but I need to get out and have some summer fun!
I hope you've found some of your own.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Before the Rain

I'll admit that I've had a rather lazy day. Walking around the garden this morning didn't qualify as exercise.  

At least, not in one the size of that at My Little Home and Garden.

While taking some pictures, I was thrilled to see the sky getting darker.

There was a rip-roaring thunder storm this afternoon. 

I know that some have more than enough rain (yes, I'm thinking of those of you in Ireland), but it has been in very short supply here.

Everyone was waiting to quench their thirst.
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Friday, July 13, 2012

Clematis Plants and a Glass Half Full (of Lemonade)

The two clematis plants that covered my arbour in purple petals have finished blooming for the season. However, some interesting shapes are left behind.

Spirals on one plant.

Spheres on the other.

I might as well look for the good and intriguing rather than moan about the spent blooms.

Glass half full.
Make lemonade.
That sort of thing.

Along that line, I'm sharing a little video with you. I hope you enjoy these Canadian a cappella singers.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Butterfly that Fluttered By...

I blame it on the butterfly. 

I went outside to tackle a purple sandcherry root. The shrub had been cut down to ground level, courtesy of my brother. Brothers are handy; everyone should have a couple floating around.

I dug, dug some more, and thought about continuing to dig. 

Long story short, the root remains, may it rot in peace, and a lilac is planted in its stead. Said lilac has been lingering in a pot since I won it in a draw. Awhile ago. June. I know...

I think the lilac will acclimatize and be beautiful, as was the aforementioned butterfly.

You remember, the one that distracted me from tasks more labour intensive than pointing a camera in the general direction of orange wings.


Look at this level of cooperation from the model. 

Clearly, I was meant to take photos this morning, not pick up a shovel followed by an axe to wield at uncooperative roots. Mustn't frighten the neighbours, after all.

Instead, I followed the butterfly, who clearly has as much appreciation for coneflowers as I do.

Tell me, wouldn't you have put down the garden tools and picked up a camera?
Be truthful.

I thought so.

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Friday, July 6, 2012


I really must get on with hunting for a new camera, then I could show you how pretty I find the opening hollyhock buds.

When I was a little girl, my mother had hollyhocks growing against the wall of our home, just as they grew in the walled gardens of monasteries centuries ago.

I planted a few last year and waited until this one for the plants to bloom. 

All is not beauteous in the garden, as something is making holes in the leaves. 

There's a little research project for me, unless you might have an idea and a remedy.

Meanwhile, I'll choose to focus on the pink and red blooms.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One Quick Photo: An Irish Blessing

I was playing with a photo of one of my favourite places in this country: 
Bay St. Lawrence, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

I'm off to get things done now.
Enjoy your day.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

To those of us who 

were born here, 

came here, 

or are away from here today, 



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