Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blooms and Biscuits

I'm crossing my fingers for rain tonight, as it has been noticeably absent this summer. There is a lot to be said for flowers that carry on by themselves, rain or not.

I'm all for beautiful blooms, but the idea of toiling in the summer sun is somewhat less appealing. Fortunately, my plants and I have an understanding. If you're an herb, a tomato, or a cucumber, I'll visit my rain barrel on your behalf.

Anything else, please take care of yourselves, won't you?
As for the weeds, sigh, I'll get to you soon. 

Just not right now.
I'll be lounging and nibbling on cottage cheese biscuits.

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  1. Such a sweet post. My weeds are so bad, though, I need to go out to knock some down. Never ending battle. xo

  2. Hi Karen, Your biscuits look great! We are in drought too, and also have rain predicted for tonight. Pray that you and I and everyone who needs it gets moisture.

  3. Well, water shortage or not.. your garden blossoms are beautiful!
    Cottage cheese biscuits... tasty!

    Smiles :)

  4. We got a whopping 6mm of rain yesterday! It didn't even wet the earth nor get through the heavy folliage of my containers. I had to water a few things tonight but not the flower beds. Hubby put a pail under the downspout and it was full so I used it. We definitely need a water barrel. So, I too, am being picky about what gets watered now. Have a nice evening.

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention the biscuits. They look yummy and I've never heard of biscuits with cottage cheese in them.

  6. Your biscuits look scrumptious and your blooms are gorgeous! I love the colors on the hibiscus. I do hope you get some rain soon. I've been in SW Michigan for the past few weeks and they are finally getting some rain (and thunderstorms).

  7. I have heard (thru the grapevine) that talking to the plants really help! LOL! and I sure hope that your flowers hear what you are saying..and I can bet that your weeds are waiting for you to drench them with water soon! hahaha..lovely photo's...

  8. Hi,Karen.
    Your flowers are gorgeous! The color is a very summer.I hope you have rain soon!
    Here in Japan, rainy season ended last week. Since then,it has been hot and humid. With growing concern of safety of atomic energy since last year's big earthquake, operations of almost all nuclear power plants in Japan have stopped. Instead, electricity has been supplied from thermal power generations.
    I save power and am thinking about how I could survive this summer with minimal amount of electricity! Many, including me, have already received information of the planned periodical power outages from local power companies, which will avoid sudden blackouts. I have to be patient, but I am fine.
    Your cheese biscuits look tasty!
    Take care,Karen. Let's enjoy summer.

    Tomoko,Green Tomato.

  9. We had some dark clouds earlier but only 5 raindrops fell on my yard. Seriously, I could count them. That's it. I'm hoping we get something later tonight. Your flowers still look really lovely!! Not scorched like mine.

  10. I love you flower pictures... They are so beautiful and one day I will have a garden like yours. We did get rain yesterday so no need to water the garden YEAH! and our rain barrel should be full again, it was getting a little close to the bottom and I was having problems getting the water from the bottom :). Hope you get some rain.

  11. What a beautiful post! The colors of the flowers is spectacular! We finally got some rain here last night, all our poor plants and trees are suffering - I am constantly watering my tomatoes and basil!

  12. Good Morning Karen, I have to say your flowers are stunning. As my mother, Phyllis would say, you are very "green fingered". I do hope you get some rain soon so you can keep your blooms a little longer.

  13. The holly hock is gorgeous. The drought is taking a lot out of the flowers even when we water them here. It was 101 yesterday and dreadful. The biscuits would call to me too. I hope we both get rain. Have a lovely weekend. I am about to leave on a little trip. hugs, olive

  14. That's how I feel

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. Your flowers look beautiful despite not having much rain. We finally got some much needed rain last night thank goodness.

  16. I remember many years ago I used to spend an hour at night to spray my flower beds, I don't do this anymore, they have to survive by themselves ! Spraying them was a big waste of time, I never had any problems with my flowers since I stopped doing it. Your day lily is a real beauty, your holly hock...sigh...I'm jealous, I don't have any :) and the third, I'm not sure what it is but it's very beautiful. Those biscuits looks yummy !

  17. Those biscuits look delicious! I bought some buttermilk the other day with every intention of making some biscuits, but have not gotten around to it. I think your picture might just have been the motivation I needed. Your hollyhocks are so beautiful! Thank goodness for the rain! My garden was parched, as I am sure was yours. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. You flowers are beautiful even though they need rain. We need rain too. They keep predicting it but it goes all around us. Finally we have a break in the heat and humidity today and tomorrow. It feels wonderful.
    Have a great weekend.

  19. Hi, Karen! So beautiful pictures again! Love your flowers! I plant at my balcony the Malvas (on the package with seeds the same picture like your third flower photo), but now they look like your flowers on the second photo :o) Not Malvas, but still beautiful. How you call them? Hollyhocks?
    Your biscuits look yummy and beautiful as well.

  20. Hi Karen, I know what you mean, we have had rain all around us, but none in my garden. When it does rain you can almost here the flowers say Ahhhhhh. They perk right up and look so much better than when I water.
    What is the third plant? It is really pretty. Not to mention the biscuits look yummy!



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