Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Quick Look at the Garden

I can't claim to be spending a lot of time in the garden, it's a bit toasty outside for my taste. That, however, is a poor excuse for my sluggishness of late. A good swift kick in the keister is in order!

My flowers don't seem to mind the hot, dry spell and continue to forge ahead, without watering. Once I figure out how to repair a faucet and hose that spray with reckless abandon, perhaps I'll give them a drink. Better yet, there is a chance of rain in the forecast. Here's hoping!

Lilies are blooming:
pale pink

and orange with red ones.

It struck me that the clothes on the line matched some of the colours in the garden, blooms of a different sort, you might say.

There you have it, a quick peek in the back garden.
Thank you for visiting. I appreciate you dropping by for a few moments.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Petals and Paint

I decided to take a little break and head outside to the garden to see what was flowering.

Another reason was to get away from a few paint fumes. My rather worn French door, which leads to the side door and basement of my home, needed some refreshing. I painted the door jamb as well, which only accentuates the woebegone state of the stairwell. Here's hoping the door will easily close and isn't "overdressed" with a new coat of primer and two of paint.

It's time to clean up the paint cans, brushes, and drop cloths and restore some order. This would not be the time for an unexpected guest to pop by, with the exception of you, of course!

With some disarray inside, here is an updated photo of 
my arbour, my harbour.

Thank you for visiting.

I'm linking with Mary for "Mosaic Monday".


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