Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Little Foster Cat Miracle

A little miracle happened a few days ago when my foster cat, Hope, had her adoption finalized. She is with an incredibly kind woman, one who was not deterred by Hope's age (11 or 12) or health issues. 

Rather, she was determined to adopt a cat who was older, one that she felt would be more likely to be passed over by others. She has cared for other animals with health concerns, both cats and dogs, and wants to do the same for Hope.

I've been amazed at all the plans she had to ensure a successful integration of Hope into her household, which included two dogs. Even before this puss crossed her threshold for an extended visit (which always happens prior to an adoption), she declared that the only reason she wouldn't keep Hope would be if she felt the cat wouldn't be safe with her dogs. Fortunately, all is well.

I'll miss my Hope-in-a-Box but am thrilled that she found such a wonderful home, after only about 7 weeks as a foster.

If you have ever considered fostering a cat or dog, I encourage you to look into it in your area. I've fostered cats just twice, so far, and each experience has been a gratifying one.

I'm pleased to linking with Judith for "Mosaic Monday" and sending her dog, Topaz, a scratch behind the ears.

Thank you for visiting. Have a lovely week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One Changes Leads to Another

Given my little house is a bit torn apart right now, let's start with something pretty!

One change leads to another. 

A recently delivered mattress and box spring has led to other changes. Out goes the old, hard double from the guest room. Stuffed into a doorway and leaning against a wall go the pieces of my bed, ready to be wedged into the yellow guest room. For my room, the new bed, now dressed with fresh linens; it would seem one no longer needs to wait until January to find excellent sales.

Of course, moving out the double meant noticing the poor state of the baseboards and marks on the walls. On with some patching of nail holes and painting. The colour is more subdued in real life. Given the collage, are you getting a sense of why part of the blog title is "My Little Home"?

Normally, I wouldn't be painting a room in November, when floral colour comes from plants indoors and a little snow is decorating the neighbourhood. Painting strikes me as a more "fling the windows open" type of job.

However, one change leads to another and all of this messing about is easier to do when a certain sweetheart of a senior foster puss isn't looking for snuggle. How could that be, given how Hope adores attention?

She's been off on a home visit; more news should be coming soon. 

To be (happily) continued . . .

Enjoy your day.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hope, the Foster Cat

It has been a couple of months since Hope came to me as a foster cat, my second one. She showed up at a couple's house and, seeing how she was thin, they fed her and sought out an animal rescue group that could help. They're very kind people to have taken the trouble to ensure this lovely cat's safety and well-being.

I don't know how Hope came to be living on the streets. No former home was found. She's a sweet, friendly girl, about 11 or 12 years old, according the vet. She has a heart murmur, only 4 teeth, came with an infection (now gone), and one or two other health issues. If Hope could talk, I bet she'd have quite a story to tell!

For all of that, Hope has settled in beautifully, loves attention, enjoys playing, and is a serious lap cat. She's also helpful and encouraging when it comes to me finally writing a blog post!

There will be more news later on any move towards someone adopting Hope.

I'm pleased to be linking with Judith's "Mosaic Monday" this week.


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