Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One Changes Leads to Another

Given my little house is a bit torn apart right now, let's start with something pretty!

One change leads to another. 

A recently delivered mattress and box spring has led to other changes. Out goes the old, hard double from the guest room. Stuffed into a doorway and leaning against a wall go the pieces of my bed, ready to be wedged into the yellow guest room. For my room, the new bed, now dressed with fresh linens; it would seem one no longer needs to wait until January to find excellent sales.

Of course, moving out the double meant noticing the poor state of the baseboards and marks on the walls. On with some patching of nail holes and painting. The colour is more subdued in real life. Given the collage, are you getting a sense of why part of the blog title is "My Little Home"?

Normally, I wouldn't be painting a room in November, when floral colour comes from plants indoors and a little snow is decorating the neighbourhood. Painting strikes me as a more "fling the windows open" type of job.

However, one change leads to another and all of this messing about is easier to do when a certain sweetheart of a senior foster puss isn't looking for snuggle. How could that be, given how Hope adores attention?

She's been off on a home visit; more news should be coming soon. 

To be (happily) continued . . .

Enjoy your day.


  1. Yes, one thing always leads to another which is why decorate a house is like doing the laundry - neither task is ever finished.

  2. She's beautiful! And yes, I know all about moving things around in a small house! It's like a game of dominos!


  3. That's the problem with redecorating, once one room is spruced up the others look like they need help too! Endless! And where do you put all your relocated treasures??

  4. Glad you are getting a new bed - that is always a great thing. Sometimes we don't realize how bad our aging mattresses are - we are used to them. Then we get a new one, and it's heavenly! :)
    Glad Hope is on a home visit. Sounds very "Hopeful."

  5. One thing does lead to another. I'm hopeful about Hopes visit. She is such a beauty.

  6. Hmm, we're probably due for a new mattress but as Beth said, if it's comfy you don't think about it. Just think Karen, your spring cleaning will be done way ahead of time!
    Isn't it nice that kitties can have a trial run with a family before adoption takes place?
    Stay warm.

  7. Painting is the best in the winter!! At least that's how it seems to me...there never seems to be enough time in the summer to get the painting done. We will be starting a painting project soon as well. Such good news about Hope - I hope this visit ends up finding her fur-ever home!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  8. It is amazing how one thing leads to another isn't it!! I am sure that you will do it beautifully and that the room will be lovely when it is all done. I hope that Hope's visit goes well and that she has a new home soon! xx

  9. Tis the season for fluffing our nests :)
    A dear friend of mine spends the winters working on indoor projects, because at the first sign of Spring, she concentrates all of her energy and time to working in her gardens. I like that idea!
    I plan on changing our M.B. after Christmas.
    Can't wait to see what changes you make.

    Have fun fluffing your nest.


  10. It seems we were always doing a major project here just before Christmas some years. Not this year though. We laid hardwood flooring all through the house the first week of December one year. I was so anxious to get my decorating done. It's fun to move things around and even out the door. The size of a home doesn't really matter, it's what makes it yours and makes it cozy with your personal touches that does. Hopefully Hope might be adopted soon? Hugs. Pam

  11. House projects seem to never end. We purchased a new mattress about a month ago and it's wonderful! I was getting some numbness in my arms and now that's all gone!
    Oh, don't remind me about baseboards and trim - ours needs attention badly.

  12. Good luck with your home update, I'm sure the result will give you a great satisfaction Karen! Your cyclamens are so pretty!
    Have a nice day my friend!

  13. Hope your home update goes well and smooth for you ! Your blooms indoors are pretty , Mine are blooming to it is nice to have their blooms inside in the colder months . Thanks for sharing and Hopefully pretty Hope finds a forever home ! Have a good week !

  14. Decorating and having a change around always seems like a good idea at the time apart from once you start it seems to have a continued knock on effect and you end up doing the whole house.

  15. Sometimes decorating happens like that. You never know when inspiration (or great sales) will occur. Glad you're going with it. You will be so happy when it's finished and looking beautiful!

  16. Good luck with your house project. Projects never end is n't it, when one is finished, next is there. It keeps us going. I wish Hope finds a cosy home for the rest of her life.

  17. Oh, that Hope has got the most mesmerizing eyes!

    Karen, it's the unwritten law of home decor: one change leads to another - always, without fail, even if it's the tiniest of changes, you can be certain, there will be another following, and in some cases, bigger, but usually better, and ultimately, worth all the repairs, (yes, even tearing out one's hair!), when the results are evident in the widest of smiles!

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!


  18. Wonderful post. I bet the new paint in the room will look great.
    Of course little Hope is just adorable, I hope her home visit went well.
    Loved the curled up flower petals.

  19. Isn't Hope just a sweetie? I do wish the very best outcome of her home visit. Yes, one change always leads to another - it's the law :) Hope you share your hard work with us.... Love the flowers. xo Karen

  20. It is true.....on thing leads to another when home making! Your changes sound lovely, and your home looks pretty and cosy. Hope is such a sweet cat and very lucky to be fostered by you. Wishing you a happy weekend, Karen.
    Helen xox



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