Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring Blooms

Spring is popping up around here. It's been cool and damp, but flower are blooming in the garden and I love that!

It's been ages since I've posted and time is flying by quickly. I still have my foster cat, Mya. I don't think I mentioned -way back when- that she was diagnosed with a tumour last November. All things considered, she's doing well. As it happens, the animal rescue group I volunteer with had a Gala last night to raise funds for our rescue work with dogs and cats. It's not often I get out of jeans these days so that was certainly an occasion to do so.

Back to blooms. It seems to me that the small amount of effort it takes to plant bulbs one fall is disproportionate to the amount of delight they offer for years to follow.

Tulilps. My fondness for them likely comes from a childhood in Ottawa and the annual Tulip Festival.

A touch of blue.

Sunny blooms in the backyard.

A spring medley. Here's to this season of rebirth! 
Do you have a favourite plant that gives you pleasure this time of year?


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