Saturday, February 28, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 9

More colour. That's what I've been craving lately, so treated myself to an African violet to live in a favourite pottery container. My mother had a knack for keeping hers in bloom, but I've not had the same luck over the years. I'll try paying more attention this time!

My Christmas Cactus is blooming. I wouldn't say it's covered in blossoms, but given I've had 2 or 3 flowers a year in the past, I'm very happy with this development.

Some of you have been showing photos of what is springing up in your garden. I'll have to save this bulb to plant in mine come autumn.

I've been enjoying how the sunlight lingers on these bits of colour and how the lengthening daylight hours brighten up the early evening. I hope you're enjoying the light where you live.

It's your turn.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 8

In the spirit of Sunlit Sunday and embracing winter, about a half dozen of us met up for a hike in one of the local conservation areas this past Thursday. It was in the minus twenties (Celsius), a beautiful cold and crisp day. While former colleagues bemoaned a day of indoor recesses, the former teacher contingent felt rather privileged to be enjoying nature on such a day.

Indoors, my bouquet of tulips is getting a bit tattered, but they made for some interesting and distinct shadows on a sunny plaster wall.

Sun or shade, Cameo doesn't care as long as she has someone to pet or brush her.

I hope you're enjoying the winter. (Or summer, if you blog from the other hemisphere!) Remember, Sunlit Sunday is meant to celebrate our current season. You're invited to link your post for others to enjoy. The sunshine needn't be literal!

Have a lovely new week.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 7

It was time to treat myself to a bouquet of tulips. Call it a Valentine's gift to myself or just a small mid-winter investment in blooms, I'm enjoying them.

My own garden is snow-covered and I like to think that the shoveling I've been doing is good for the heart and waistline. Luckily, the white stuff has been of the light and fluffy variety, except for the slushy piles that get deposited at the foot of the driveway by the snowploughs.

I saw some rabbit tracks the other day, but didn't grab my camera to photograph them and now they've vanished under some fresh flakes.

In other animal news, Cameo has clearly decided to help with the animal rescue Facebook page by plunking herself on my lap, next to the laptop. You can see her on the screen in the header. It'll be big news when someone adopts this 9 year old girl!

It's your turn to share a sunny post. 
Wishing you a lovely week,

Saturday, February 7, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 6

It may not be direct sunlight, but some came creeping through archways to light up my bookcase. A hallway may seem an odd place for books, but in a small house, it makes sense to take advantage of this niche.

Another bright spot in the week was discovering that my Christmas cactus has buds. Lots of buds. Given it has produced only a couple of blooms annually, I'm pleased. It must like its current location and, perhaps, the fact that it is getting watered more often.

This one has decided she likes to keep on top of the news. Cameo is off on another pet store visit for a few hours today. Perhaps she'll catch someone's eye. She has 9 years of cat experience, after all! If you happen to have any ideas of how I can promote her on the rescue group's Facebook page, do pass them along, please. Photo ideas, slogans or captions to use with pictures of Cameo, feel free to share!

It's your turn now. Please remember to visit as many of the other links as you can over the course of the week. If you're too busy for that, kindly make a point of returning the visits of those who visit you. Thank you and have a lovely week.


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