Saturday, February 7, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 6

It may not be direct sunlight, but some came creeping through archways to light up my bookcase. A hallway may seem an odd place for books, but in a small house, it makes sense to take advantage of this niche.

Another bright spot in the week was discovering that my Christmas cactus has buds. Lots of buds. Given it has produced only a couple of blooms annually, I'm pleased. It must like its current location and, perhaps, the fact that it is getting watered more often.

This one has decided she likes to keep on top of the news. Cameo is off on another pet store visit for a few hours today. Perhaps she'll catch someone's eye. She has 9 years of cat experience, after all! If you happen to have any ideas of how I can promote her on the rescue group's Facebook page, do pass them along, please. Photo ideas, slogans or captions to use with pictures of Cameo, feel free to share!

It's your turn now. Please remember to visit as many of the other links as you can over the course of the week. If you're too busy for that, kindly make a point of returning the visits of those who visit you. Thank you and have a lovely week.


  1. Thanks again for hosting, Karen. I think books in the hallway is a wonderful solution. I'd like to find space somewhere for another bookcase. I hope Cameo soon finds a home. The light on your cactus is lovely - how great that it's forming buds now. Maybe if I paid more attention to mine it would do better.

  2. Congrats, that your cactus has buds! I like your bookcase, it seems so lovely and authetic and a nice photo with the light... I agree:we must use in a small house all niches, with me too.
    Good luck for Cameo, could I take her, I would be done!
    Have a sunny sunday, thanks for hosting

  3. I have a bookcase in the hallway too Karen!
    Living in a smaller townhouse everything is squeezed in to all the available spaces.
    Lovely sunshine in your home today and Miss Cameo knows where to sit to enjoy and make the most of it!.
    I hope the right person is on their way to the pet shop to make her aquaintance.
    Thank you for hosting.

  4. I'm surprised that Cameo has not found a forever home yet. I like your idea of a bookcase in a hallway. Looks like good use of available space!

  5. Lovely sunshine in your home, Karen!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for Cameo and wishing you all a happy Sunday!

  6. Love the creeping sunlight on the bookcase. Finding space for books is very important in any house!!! ;) Great use of space. My cactus was late blooming this year, too. But when it did -- wowzer! Enjoy each and every bud. Cameo is simply a beauty and so lucky to have you to be her foster Mom. Thanks for hosting!

  7. We had some nice sunny days this past week, perfect for being outside and taking photos. Books are everywhere in our house, I can't imagine a home without them. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. How about explaining that it doesn't matter if you are new to caring for a cat, because Cameo has 9 years of experience and can teach you all about it. I know that a new owner needs to know what they are doing, but it makes a selling point of her age perhaps? She really is beautiful and I would love her! I hope that your cactus keeps going well, they really do have the most amazing flowers don't they! xx

  9. I love the light coming through your arches into your hallway. Books add so much to life. I love Cameo and good for you for hosting him while awaits adoption. He looks like a good cat. And thank you for hosting this meme.

  10. Hi Karen,

    The winter sun, shedding more light on those treasures of knowledge, looks so inviting; I think I'd just cuddle in a corner on the floor, and let its warm rays cover my shoulders, as I leaf through a favourite.

    Your Christmas cactus seems to have done just that, allowing for new buds to burst through, I see!

    And speaking of buds, I hope Cameo becomes buddies with some very nice people, today!

    Will try to find some time to address your requests for some catchy press for this kitty!

    Take care!


  11. I love the way the sunlight hits the books. We've not had a lot of sunshine around here lately.

  12. Karen.. Thanks for hosting! Bookcases are perfect anywhere... The colors and lines of your photo are lovely. Hoping for a forever home for charming Cameo. Enjoy your pretty cactus... Just in time for Valentine's Day!

  13. Cameo is a pretty kitty Karen. My daughter had a niche like that in the first home she had and she never knew what to do with the space and this is such a great place for a bookcase.I love arched doorways in homes too. I love how you caught the light perfectly.

  14. I have the worst luck getting a Christmas cactus to flower, once the buds come out they drop right off. The bookcase looks nice with the sun on it, very neat and tidy I might add.

  15. Nice sunny photos. I love Cameo the cat.
    We actually had sunshine this week so I may just join in on Sunday.

  16. Books in the hallway don't sound strange to me at all - in small houses, every bit of space gets used.

    Lovely sunlit photos.



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