Sunday, September 7, 2014

Late Summer Days

Late summer. 
I'm not rushing headlong into the next season, just yet.  
Rather, I'm enjoying these days 
of whispered scents from roses still in bud and bloom.

Morning glories are in their prime 
and mirthfully meander and mingle 
with other lavenders and blues in the garden.

I will enjoy the rich, warm colours of autumn when they arrive later. 
For now, 
I'm drinking in the luscious late summer days.

I'm pleased to be linking with Judith at Mosaic Monday.
Thank you for your visit and comments.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Settling Into September

It's been a lazy afternoon here. A too late night followed by a too early morning has led to fatigue. My own fault!

The coneflowers are looking tired, but other things are still perky in the garden. No doubt they all had a good snooze under the stars. These small white flowers are on a garlic chive plant.



Indoors, it's back to Louise Penny

and baking, as September settles into its own groove.

The knitting needles have come out of hiding and the sweater I as working on last winter is finally getting seamed. I'm not very good at that part of a knitting project, but hope springs eternal that it may just be wearable. I think I may have gotten carried away with the sleeve length!

I imagine you have you own way of welcoming September and its final days of summer. Perhaps you'll share an idea in the comments.

Till next time,


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