Saturday, January 26, 2013

☀Sunlit Sunday: Season 2, Week #4

Hello, All! 

I'm in "sunny" Arizona, but the sun has been missing!  It's pouring rain right now, which is bound to confuse the cacti. 

I'm counting on you to provide some sunshine this week. I'll visit when I can over the next few days. Please forgive me if I'm a bit slow, but I'm  houseguest right now and I want to be a good one!

Chat amongst yourselves, won't you?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Few Peaceful Moments

To indulge in a few peaceful moments, I like:
 a good book,

something blooming,

sweet fragrance,

 and a cup of camomile tea.

 Here's hoping you find some peaceful moments in your busy day.
 Do you have favourite ways to enjoy them?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

☀Sunlit Sunday: Season 2, Week #3

Welcome to another week of ☀Sunlit Sunday, the time to share a bit of sunshine (actual or metaphorical) during the wintry, first few months of the year.

This photo was taken from my porch in the early evening. It pleases me to think that, for about 60 years, people in this little house have enjoyed similar colourful views, regardless of the overhead wires.

Inside, the play of light accents a couple of jugs and an oversized teacup sitting on the counter, creating subtle images on the wall.

 As the light is ephemeral, the look quickly changes.

One of the jugs has now been put to use holding a bouquet of sunshine. 

These blooms may also be ephemeral, but were a gift that I'll share with you.

Your Turn, Friends!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Simple Lunch for One

Sometimes, the simplest food is the best. 
A good china plate just elevates it a little.

Lunch for One?
Why not make it a pleasant experience!

MLHG's Simple Lunch for One:

1 portabello mushroom
1 clove of garlic
1 big handful of baby spinach
1 slice of calabrese bread (or your choice)
Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Sauté the sliced portabello mushroom and garlic until nearly done. (I like to use my large cast iron frying pan.)
Move the mushroom slices to one side.
Add the handful of baby spinach to the cleared half of the pan.
Continue cooking until the spinach has wilted, while toasting the bread.

Butter the toast (or not). Layer on the spinach, then the mushrooms.


I'm linking this to Tracy's Living Cookbook: Meatless Monday. Tracy has some really splendid recipes on her blog. I hoping she lets me move into her house!

A Little Note: Each week, you are invited to help brighten the grey days of winter by participating in the second season of ☀Sunlit Sunday.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

☀Sunlit Sunday: Season 2, Week #2

I was surprised and delighted with the turn-out at last week's ☀Sunlit Sunday. It seems many of us are ready to seek out something sunny at the beginning of this year.

Sunlight was at a premium in my area, but I did take a few photos while it swung by for a quick visit. Eggs, the start of something new, seemed like an appropriate subject.

Looking at these photos reminded me of a poem I first read decades ago. I pulled the book off the shelf to find it and share it with you.


Reader, in your hand you hold 
A silver case, a box of gold
I have no door, however small,
Unless you pierce my tender wall,
And there's no skill in healing then
Shall ever make me whole again.
Show pity, Reader, for my plight:
Let be, or else consume me quite.

        -Jay Macpherson
        (b. 1940, England; d. 2012, Canada)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Still Here

Last spring, I mentioned that I was on a house hunt. After 20 years in My Little Home, I was looking for the something:

a little larger, 
a little newer, 
with a basement that is a little less "rustic".

 A bit of a garden would be lovely, or the the space to add one. 
Climbing roses would be welcome.

A splash of architectural interest would be delightful. 
I could, however, do without the potentially lethal staircase on this little charmer.

As events unfolded, it turned out that it was good to snuggle in and stay put for awhile.
Maybe I'm closer, now, to a change.

This is not exactly prime buying/selling time. 
Realistically, the hunt will resume come spring.
Maybe this year will hold a move to a wonderful new home!


I'm happy to be linking to "Green Day" at Raindrops and Daisies.

Reminder: "Sunlit Sunday" will be up and running Saturday night. Thank you, once again, to all who participated last week!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

☀Sunlit Sunday: Season 2, Week #1

Early in 2012, I started the link-up called "Sunlit Sunday". The idea was to focus on some sunshine during what is, here, a greyer time of the year. On this first weekend in January, it's time to revive the meme and start Season 2!

Perhaps you have your own fair share of grey days where you live, or maybe it's bright and blue-skied on a regular basis. Either way, keep in mind that it doesn't have to be actual sunshine that you share. It might be something that puts a little sunshine in your heart and a smile on your face. The guidelines are at the bottom of this post.

I will be out Saturday evening when this posts, so here's hoping everything goes off without a hitch! 

 Here we go! 

Friday, January 4, 2013

☀ Sunlit Sunday "Link-Up" Returns This Weekend


This is just a quick note to say that the link-up I ran during our winter days in early 2012 is back for its second season. I do hope you'll join in with something "sunlit" inspired. 

Please remember, your post doesn't have to feature literal sunshine, it might be a sunny thought, for example. Feel free to use your imagination. You can find more details and examples of past links here. As well, I'll include the guidelines on my post this weekend.

My plan is to get the link-up ready to go by Saturday at 8 pm, Eastern Standard Time. That way the early birds, or people otherwise engaged on Sunday, can link when it's convenient for them. For friends "over the pond", you'll have plenty of time to add your links when you awake on Sunday morning, or on Monday, if you prefer.


Everyone is welcome to participate!
I hope to see some people from last year and brand new "faces" as well.

Bye for now. I'm sorting out a few technical glitches with my new TV (the old one carried on for over 20 years); persistence is bound to pay off, don't you think?


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