Friday, January 11, 2013

Still Here

Last spring, I mentioned that I was on a house hunt. After 20 years in My Little Home, I was looking for the something:

a little larger, 
a little newer, 
with a basement that is a little less "rustic".

 A bit of a garden would be lovely, or the the space to add one. 
Climbing roses would be welcome.

A splash of architectural interest would be delightful. 
I could, however, do without the potentially lethal staircase on this little charmer.

As events unfolded, it turned out that it was good to snuggle in and stay put for awhile.
Maybe I'm closer, now, to a change.

This is not exactly prime buying/selling time. 
Realistically, the hunt will resume come spring.
Maybe this year will hold a move to a wonderful new home!


I'm happy to be linking to "Green Day" at Raindrops and Daisies.

Reminder: "Sunlit Sunday" will be up and running Saturday night. Thank you, once again, to all who participated last week!


  1. Hi Karen, I love these little cottage photos. I wish you the very best in your buying and selling!

  2. Good Afternoon Karen, You are obviously content to stay in your home for the time being, but when the time is right, you will know and you will make the move.
    Spring is a lovely time to "house hunt", gardens are beginning to come to life, the sun shines a little more and we have longer days....perfect.
    Have a lovely weekend. Best Wishes as always, Daphne

  3. We've lived in many houses and I've always detested the process of buying and selling. I do, however, believe that when the right place comes along you have no choice - you'll be impelled by love for the new place and you'll be making a change very quickly. In the meantime, snuggling in where you are sounds perfect.

  4. Lovely cottage photos. You must collect them; they are so much fun for dreams.

  5. I wondered if you were still house hunting. I do hope you will find a new nest this year complete with a place to grow roses. Is this a Lilliput Lane cottage? I have several of them. Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs, Pamela

  6. As imagens são encantadoras, gosto dessas miniaturas! Um abraço!

  7. The cottage is charming, in spite of the deadly stairs. Finding a new place to live can take a long time - says one who bought her home over the internet. And the market is certainly not good for selling. Sigh.

  8. Hi Karen,

    I love your photos.

    I do hope that you find your ideal home
    it's so hard to be sure isn't it....

    You were completely right when you commented on my flowoer pic
    I didn't mean to type hydrangea (my brain is turning to mush obviously)!!!!

    Have a lovely weekend my Canadian friend.

    x Fiona

  9. Hope you find your 'dreamed' of home.You will know as soon as you see it. It will just feel right. Glad to see sunlit Sunday is back.

  10. Lovely little houses, they are cute! Good luck on your house hunting. Do you the House Hunters on HGTV? Stopping by from Green Day, Wish you a happy weekend!

  11. The little houses are so cute.
    Have a happy weekend. Abraços

  12. I'm with you, Karen. Dream, dream, dream. We just moved out of our home of over 23 years right in the middle of December. YIKES!!! Proof that timing is not always orchestrated by us. We are now in a lovely house but it is only transitional as we take our time looking for our dream house. Although it is not a seller's market at this time, opportunity knocked and we flew on the wings of faith. Looking back we are thankful for the way it came about because it was EFFORTLESS, as if someone was pushing us out of our nest to soar to new heights...and soar we have. When it's meant to be, it will happen.
    I love all the details on your wish list here. Mine are white house, black shutters, red door and open spaces. I look forward to reading about your dream come true one day soon.

  13. Following and added you to my sidebar to not miss the details. :)

  14. Hi Karen, I'm glad you haven't given up on your dream home. This spring will be a great time to house hunt. In the meantime stay warm and cozy where you are.

  15. Que lindo tudo por aqui!Adorei! beijos,chica

  16. Hi Karen,
    I wish you good luck on your search for a new home there is always so much to consider.
    I hope you are enjoying this mild spell we seem to having! While it lasts ;0)
    All the Best,

  17. This brings memories back of my sister's adventures in selling and buying last year. After two years on the market if finally sold. It's a big undertaking!
    I agree those steps on that little charmer would be lethal!
    Did you see the movie called The Holiday with Kate Winslet. She lives in the cutest English cottage that has every bit of charm you could want. Too bad it wasn't real as I learned...hollywood made it up! Just the same it was a nice dream!

  18. Hallo dear Karen!I hope you find your dream house!I have tha same dream with you!!A little cottage !!Thank you for your comment on my blog!!Have a lovely weekend!!

  19. This is so exciting, you must be over the moon, I wish you the best of luck, and perfect timing...


  20. Hi,Karen,
    Hope you find a little and cute house. How exciting that you can create your private world in a new house with your favorite things!!

    My 2013 started yesterday after my family's many events.
    Have a fabulous week!



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