Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Few Peaceful Moments

To indulge in a few peaceful moments, I like:
 a good book,

something blooming,

sweet fragrance,

 and a cup of camomile tea.

 Here's hoping you find some peaceful moments in your busy day.
 Do you have favourite ways to enjoy them?


  1. My little peaceful moment this morning is spent visiting you...
    I love ending my day sitting quietly with the hubby on the back porch listening to the owls talking back and forth with each other..
    hugs, hope you have a great week, Cherry

  2. Hi Karen,
    You have certainly set the mood, seems very relaxing...
    I do enjoy sitting by the fire, Riley at my feet, a new knitting project on the needles & it snowing and blowing out the front window ;0)
    Enjoy your moment!
    All the Best,

  3. Beautiful photos Karen! I love the peachy roses. I also enjoy peaceful moments the same way as you and perhaps with my laptop reading lovely blogs like this. Enjoy your peace before your trip! Blessings, Pamela

  4. VERY PEACHY! Lovely! I spend relaxing moments reading cookbooks and perusing old Victoria's!

  5. It is nice to take a day and relax. I love the rose, what kind is it? I am planning on adding a rose to our garden this year.

  6. Beautiful photos, Karen and a wonderful way to relax! Are you going on a trip?

  7. Hi Karen
    Yes, a book, scented candle and a cup of tea. Although lately for me it is my ereader I got for my birthday last year. :-) The candle and rose side-by-side is beautiful.

  8. Good Evening Karen, You have set the scene for a day full of peace and tranquility. I like to relax by listening to music whilst I am sewing.....my mind drifts away.
    Your photos are beautiful as always.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Best Wishes

  9. Winter is a time for nesting. I love a good book, or a good magazine, cuppa coffee or cuppa tea or glass of red wine. Baking is fun on a cold day. Flowers are always good as is fragrance. You hit the nail on the head, Karen! Have a great day doing all those lovely things that touch your heart.
    xo Beth

  10. Books, flowers, candles, pretty teacups filled with warmth - these are wonderful cozy things to brighten a dreary day. Beautiful photos, Karen.

  11. Its always great to indulge this way, serene, and fulfilling to the senses. Have a great day today and always.

  12. Dear Karen,beautiful photos,and a wonderful way to relax!I enjoy to listen music with my laptop reading lovely blogs like yours!Wishing you a lovely day!

  13. Beautiful photos Karen, so relaxing and so pretty.



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  15. A beautifully peaceful post, Karen. I enjoyed all your sweet calming photos in the midst of rushing about. Wishing you a happy day.
    Helen x

  16. Love the apricot-colored Rose! Do you know the name of it? Thanks for the warm sentiments to brighten this bleak winter day. :)

  17. Very nice! Love the color of the rose and candle! I've had to stay inside a lot lately because of the weather. I enjoy some decaffe coffee mid afternoon for my peaceful time! A good magazine makes a great companion too!
    See you for the next Sunlit Sunday party!

  18. aw, what a super awesome blog you have!

    i enjoyed your dreamy photos, they are all gorgeous.
    what a great atmosphere you have created.

    such wonderful things...thanks for brightening my day!

    have a lovely weekend!



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