Saturday, February 22, 2014

☀Sunlit Sunday: Season 3, Week 8

Welcome to Sunlit Sunday.

Some days call for soft yarn. 
Or a metal detector. 

While checking my downspouts in the backyard and moving the white stuff away from the foundation of the house, I lost my keys somewhere in the snow, slush and ice. After much hunting, I've concluded that they're hibernating. I called a locksmith. Apparently, I have good locks and he couldn't unbolt them. Take note, all ye local burglars.

My niece ended up saving the day by driving me to my brother's house, using her key to get in -did I mention that my key to my brother's home was on the lost keyring? I picked up his spare key to my place. I know; I should have had another hidden in a safe spot in my garden.

It's hardly an earth shattering tale of woe, but I wanted my blankie. Actually, this yarn is for a baby blanket gift, but the softness makes me want to wrap myself in it.

The project, using Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, is being knit on a large circular needle (8 mm), hence the curlycue jumble you see here. If all goes according to plan, there will be cables dancing across its surface.

Some people are oblivious to cables and hibernating keys. Food, water, a sunny spot; all is well in Claire's world. (For more on my foster puss, click here.)

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Let's bring on your sunny posts:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Claire the Foster Kitty

 Look at that face. 

This is Claire and I promised to tell you something about her. A couple of weeks ago, a friend shared a Facebook post from a local organization that places animals in foster and permanent homes.

The bold plea of "Urgent!" went along with a photo of this four year old puss and her brother. The siblings had (not long before) been given away through an ad on an all-purpose website. Soon afterwards, they were no longer wanted by the new people. In her online adoption profile picture, Claire is crouched down, head low, looking fearful.

The new family ended up finding a home for the male cat, leaving the unwanted Claire still with them. For whatever reasons, Claire hid for virtually all of the 3 weeks she was there, or so I was told by the animal group. Apparently, she wasn't the outgoing, friendly cat the family had envisaged.

I'm not anywhere near a feline expert. I've had only one cat, a lovely tabby named Sam who died of lymphoma a few years go at the age of fourteen years.
With no foster experience, I took in Claire last Wednesday night. She started off her stay by hiding under the bed or behind the couch, but has been getting increasing more brave. Even by the second night, she was rubbing against my foot. It's hard to know for sure what went wrong in the last household. Perhaps it's as simple as Claire's somewhat shy personality being better suited to quieter surroundings.

As you can see, she's been acclimatizing and likes to flop over for a good belly rub.

Deb, of Just Cats, told me that Claire's beautiful colouring is that of a pastel tortoiseshell. She and several other bloggers gave me some valuable tips and encouragement on how to help this puss settle into her foster home. I'm very grateful to them.

A little time, a little patience, a little affection can make a difference; I'm relearning some lessons on these three things. It's a truism that you get more than you give. As it turns out, Claire's adjustment to her new surroundings has gone much better than anticipated. I admit to feeling relieved about that; I hate seeing fear in an animal's eyes.

Thank you for visiting and indulging me as I get a bit carried away with this lovely girl.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

☀Sunlit Sunday: Season 3, Week 7

I need to walk more; today, a good long morning stroll with a friend was very enjoyable. A few days ago, I bundled up, put some grippers on the soles of my boots and headed to the lake for a bit of a ramble and a breath or two of fresh, cold air.

If the sun just happened to be shining, so much the better for taking a few Sunlit Sunday pictures.

There weren't many people around, just some parked cars with those inside looking out on the chilly day as well as several workers clearing up the branches and tree limbs that has fallen during the December ice storm Without a wind, the crisp day was beautiful and bright.

On another sunny note, a big, brown envelope came in the mail , courtesy of Carol from Art and Sand. Carol enjoys creating things and decorates her charming home with vibrant colours; her blue shutters, colourful garden and painted furniture speak to me, as does her husband's artwork that hangs on their walls.

Hearts are throughout Carol's home. When commenting on her post, Home is Where the Heart Is, I mentioned the lovely heart/floral garland that was only partially visible. Soon afterwards, I received an email from Carol saying she had made it with the intention of giving it away and wanted to send it to me. What a surprise! It arrived on Valentine's Day.

Look at the details on each heart. The garland came with the two tiniest clothespins I've ever seen.

I can imagine it hanging in a few different locations, but opted to put the garland in the guest room. The room also houses my laptop and the sewing machine I intend to use more regularly; this string of prettiness can act as some "hearty" inspiration to do so. Thank you, Carol. 

Finally, another bright spot in the week was the arrival of this foster girl, Claire. I'll share some more photos and a little of her story in a day or two, when you'll be able to see her lovely face.

Let's move along to your posts.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Coming Soon

I'm taking closer look at what plants I have in the house

and deciding where I'll keep the yarn because:

This is a little post to say
A Foster Kitty is on her way.

That's right. 
I'm taking in a puss, until her "forever home" is found.
Her name is Claire and she'll be here this evening. Soon, very soon!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

☀Sunlit Sunday: Season 3, Week 6

It's that time of the week again: Sunlit Sunday.


My bearded friend and I want to thank you for participating. He's rather wise looking, don't you think? A friend's sister took up woodcarving while living in Saudi Arabia, years ago, and I was the fortunate recipient of one of her pieces. He's a calming influence. The poor fellow doesn't have a name. Brother Something-or-Other, I imagine. Feel free to leave an idea.

As the sun highlighted my cookbooks, I realized that it has been awhile since I've browsed through them to get a new recipe. That book on the far left needs to come off the shelf and and actually get used, along with the manual machine that sits neglected in my cupboard, still waiting for its maiden pasta-making adventure. There are times when I come up with a decent idea, but I can be a bit shaky on the follow through.

In the interest of changing that natural predispostion: this week, I`ll attempt home made pasta! After all, I learned how, by following directions, to change a bulb in my car this week. Making pasta would (could) have a delicious payoff.

Back on safer ground, let's get started with your sunny posts. Inlinkz has made a change or two to their linking tool, just so you know. Give a holler if you get stuck; I can always add your post for you.

Do you have any concerns or suggestions for me regarding Sunlit Sunday and your experiences with it?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Learning Something New

Time has been flying by lately. I had great plans to get household tasks done and try my hand at some "creative pursuits", but other things have popped up instead. (Snow shoveling and more car repairs this week figured prominently.)

Other things were more fun. For example, way back when I may have mentioned that I was looking for some interesting volunteer opportunities. One that arose has me spending an enjoyable afternoon each week in a public school library. I have always loved libraries!

In the category of teaching an old dog new tricks, I found myself figuring out a bit about car maintenance yesterday. A kind employee pushing carts in a parking lot checked all my lights for me as I flicked each one and off. He explained that the rapid clicking noise I'd heard when flicking on a turning light meant that the non-working one was burnt out and not indicative of any larger problem. Relief.

I bought the bulb I needed. Reading a recipe and reading instructions in a car manual had to be similar, right? I admit that the manual was supplemented with an online video. Fifty-odd years on the planet and only now do I know how to replace a bulb!

My sweater-that-never-got finished in looking at me, so that's on the agenda this weekend, as well as rustling up a post for Sunlit Sunday. All the pieces have been knitted, but it needs sewing together; my skills in that department could use a bit of practice. I think I may be better at replacing car lights!

 Are there any new tasks you've tackled lately? 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 5

We're starting the second of 3 months for Sunlit Sunday. Welcome!

My recent drive in the countryside came about after a less than auspicious beginning to Tuesday morning. I was all set to head to the dentist's office, but my car had a different idea. It refused to start after a frigid night. Calling to say I wouldn't be able to make the appointment, I was politely and cheerfully told not to worry about it and that, "You're not the only one."

One jumper cable boost later, and being advised to drive for about 40 minutes to recharge the battery (but better yet to have it replaced), I headed out. It was a beautiful, cold, sunny day, so I opted to take a spin in the countryside.

My wandering took me through a small village and past this old blacksmith shop. It was built in 1854 and is still looking solid and strong with its thick, stone walls in earthy tones of warmth. I carried on driving and, noting that the battery light icon was yellow, decided to head to a garage to show my car a little love and get a new battery installed. It was either that or get a horse and sleigh. There are felines and canines in my neighbourhood, but a member of the equine contingent would attract the attention of bylaw officers, I'm sure.

A day that starts off on a sour note can turn around. Sunny photo opportunities were found, upbeat personalities were discovered and my car was restored to good working order. As Willy Shakespeare wrote, "All's well that ends well." How was your week?

Let's begin!



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