Saturday, February 8, 2014

☀Sunlit Sunday: Season 3, Week 6

It's that time of the week again: Sunlit Sunday.


My bearded friend and I want to thank you for participating. He's rather wise looking, don't you think? A friend's sister took up woodcarving while living in Saudi Arabia, years ago, and I was the fortunate recipient of one of her pieces. He's a calming influence. The poor fellow doesn't have a name. Brother Something-or-Other, I imagine. Feel free to leave an idea.

As the sun highlighted my cookbooks, I realized that it has been awhile since I've browsed through them to get a new recipe. That book on the far left needs to come off the shelf and and actually get used, along with the manual machine that sits neglected in my cupboard, still waiting for its maiden pasta-making adventure. There are times when I come up with a decent idea, but I can be a bit shaky on the follow through.

In the interest of changing that natural predispostion: this week, I`ll attempt home made pasta! After all, I learned how, by following directions, to change a bulb in my car this week. Making pasta would (could) have a delicious payoff.

Back on safer ground, let's get started with your sunny posts. Inlinkz has made a change or two to their linking tool, just so you know. Give a holler if you get stuck; I can always add your post for you.

Do you have any concerns or suggestions for me regarding Sunlit Sunday and your experiences with it?


  1. That's a lovely wood carving.
    I love to collect old and new cookbooks and enjoy browsing thru them. My husband's grandma would make pasta and it was delicious. That's something I've never tried.
    I love the sunlit bloom. Makes me hopeful for spring!!!
    Thanks for hosting and the opportunity to meet so many nice folks!

  2. The amaryllis is lovely, and I like your bearded man. Thanks for sponsoring Sunlit Sunday, Karen.

  3. Brother Sunshine looks thankful for the sunbeams radiating on him. We have a small Italian restaurant in town that makes the most delicious homemade pasta so I wish you luck when you tackle some yourself. I'm sure it will be tasty.

  4. I do love the wood carving ... can imagine it being held, carved, turned, carved and coming to life.
    Good luck with the pasta making. You are a braver soul than me :)
    Enjoy the weekend, finally one without a snow storm.

  5. Your wood carving is lovely - initially I thought it looked like one of the seven dwarfs - maybe I need new glasses again!!
    I've got a little collection of cookbooks that I look at from to time and have a couple of weeks of making a few new dishes - then I fall back on my tried and true that I know without a recipe!!! I've promised myself I won't be seduced by another delicious looking cookbook!

    Thank you for hosting Karen and I hope my bouquet brings memories of summer days and gardens!

  6. Karen... what a handsome little man and handmade my someone you know makes him even more special! I have my old standby cookbooks that I go back to all the time, but I do love to browse new ones. The emerging bud is lovely. Good luck with the pasta-making.. have a good week! Susan

  7. I like your wooden monk. With the sun reflecting behind him like that, I might call him Ray! I love making home made pasta. It's easy with one of those manual machines, and tastes divine!

    1. I like Ray! Ray is also fitting because the word itself looks elongated, just like the wooden figure. I vote for Ray.

  8. Wonderful sunlit photos, Karen. I hope you do make some pasta from scratch and show us how it's done. :) Not too much pressure eh? lol Thanks for hosting and I wish you sunny days ahead. Blessings, Pam

  9. I like the playing light in the house... and the amaryll is beautiful!
    Have a nice and sunny sunday

  10. Such sunny photos. I have a cookbook collection that I enjoy leafing through and writing down ideas. Most of the time, that's as far as I get. The tried and true recipes get used more often, it seems.
    Your amaryllis is opening up beautifully. I have one still closed tight - I'm hoping it will bloom for Valentine's Day.
    Thanks for hosting, Karen. It's always fun to see what everyone else comes up with for Sunlit Sunday. I can't think of anything to change.

  11. Thanks for your lively blog party and images.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  12. Lovely 'sunlit' post. Yur bearded man looks so frightened but shows wonderful on the sunny picture. Nice collection of cooking books, always good reading and choosing a new dish to prepare for dinner.

  13. Fresh pasta! I love fresh pasta. Your family is soooo lucky! Maybe one day I will try (?)

  14. Beautiful photos ! No sunshine for us here today just more snow falling ! Thanks for hosting and sharing ! Have a good week !

  15. I'm not to best person to ask when thinking up a name, one of my children was 3 months old before she was named. But he does look like one of the 7 dwarfs, maybe doopy. Nice gift and carving. I've got some cookbooks on the shelf that are lonely aslo. Pasta making is not my thing but my son makes it and it looks easy, but everything looks easy when someone else does it I find. You can find almost anything you are looking to fix onthe internet these days so I have confident in your pasta making. The Joy's of Cooking is a great book, it has ABOUT in front of each section, when I need to I go there. Have a wonderful week

  16. Brightened my day this morning. It has snowed every day for the last 3. Just adding a little more each day and causing us to clean and scrap the walk way again. Have a good week.

  17. We actually had some sun yesterday and I snapped a few shots. How about Brother Isaac for your statue! I've never made homemade pasta but I gave a pasta maker to my sister in law many years ago and she liked it a lot. Thanks for hosting!

  18. I can't think of anything to change - this is such a 'happy' link.
    Good luck with the pasta making! I hope you'll post about it.

  19. I hope that you have fun with your pasta making, and as you said, if you can change a light bulb on your car, I am sure that you can make pasta!! I have every confidence in you, and I look forward to seeing the results! xx

  20. Hello, I'm linking up for the first time at Lorrie's (Fabric Paper Thread) suggestion. Thanks for hosting; it looks like fun.

    I've been scrutinizing the titles on your cookbook shelf. What a nice, fat version of the Bernardin preserving book. Mine is much slimmer. I also have an untried pasta roller in the back of my cupboard. Be sure to post about your pasta adventures, because I might be inspired to try.

  21. Hi, thanks so much for hosting. I'm looking forward to visiting some posts - especially the summer bouquet one!

  22. Handsome gentleman...he looks like a carved monk my mom and dad once had. Have a grand week!! Cathy

  23. Hi Karen,

    I'm a little late today, but glad to have made it! Your bearded buddy certainly does look very wise and quite happy, too. Perhaps he knows that a delicious home made pasta dish is on the way! Your red amaryllis is looking pretty already; how exciting to see it bloom in different stages, right before your eyes!

    Thanks so much for hosting another Sunlit Sunday. It's 11pm here, and the sun has set for the day. Have a wonderful week!


  24. The new linking tool is just about my least favorite part of this week. I think I'm getting it, but it's been a challenge. Otherwise I'm loving Sunlit Sunday. Thanks!

  25. Love the carving and it looks even wiser in the sunlight.... Little late getting my post written this week because we had too much sun :) and I had too many pictures to go through.... Now to head over and check some of the other it looks like a good turn out.

  26. Your photos are amazing! Love the carving!! Good luck with your fresh pasta!!! Can't wait to hear how it turns out! smile.. Thank you for hosting this!


  27. I like you carving, he's pretty cool looking. Also loved the flower bud photo. How did your pasta turn out. I forgot to get a post ready for Sunlit Sunday, perhaps this coming week.

  28. I'm still. In wonder over what is in the bowl in your first picure?

  29. Great post!
    It has me looking around the house for sun-lit stuff.

    Happy week, and happy pasta making.


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