Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Time Between (& ☀Sunlit Sunday Soon)

The rugelach didn't get prepared for Christmas this year, but Boxing Day baking ensured it was made in time for lunch guests on the 27th.

There is something I like about the time between Christmas and the new year. It's a bit of a break from the usual routine; the tree is still up and lit (with dropping fir needles beneath it) and the outdoor lights in the neighbourhood still brighten the dark nights. As one year winds down, I get a sense of optimism and promise for the one just about ready to dawn.

My new foster, Cameo, carries on as she has for the past several weeks (oblivious to the close of 2014), claiming my house and all it contains as her own. The snazzy cat bed I bought? Ignored. There are too many other cozy spots to enjoy.

Something I do need to do is pull together our little wintertime gathering place.
For those would care to join in, ☀Sunlit Sunday will resume for the 4th season beginning this coming weekend. The idea is to create a post on the following theme: "sunlit". You may choose to include photos and/or words that illustrate a sunlit place or thing, a "sunny disposition", a sunny thought, or any other sunlit-related idea. Have fun with this! Be literal or figurative; be you!

For the early birds, or those on the other side of the planet for whom Sunday arrives a day sooner, you may link your post beginning at 8 pm on Saturday (Eastern Standard Time). All previous contributors, as well as new ones, are welcome to join each week for the first 3 months of 2015. Together, we'll find the sunny side of winter to celebrate.

Till next time,

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas, a Bit of Knitting and Cameo

I've missed being here, on my blog and reading yours. I've picked up a little bit more volunteering, working on a Facebook page for an animal rescue group, and have found myself on the computer for longer periods of time than I anticipated. All self-induced hours, by the way, as I sort out what I want my contribution to be in the interest of getting some cats and dogs adopted.

It's all a matter of knitting together the different parts of life and attempting to turn the fragments into something useful and lovely. Or fun, so here I am again and thank you for stopping by today!

Speaking of knitting, these teeny tiny mittens were a gift for a friend's tree, although I think her plans were to hang them on her mantle with some tiny stockings I made last year.

The mitts are only  a couple of inches long. Should you be interested in making some, I found the pattern here: http://www.favecrafts.com/Knitting-for-Christmas/Knit-Mitten-Ornaments-from-Red-Heart-Yarn

I used bits of baby sport yarn that I had on hand.

I think I'll make some more next year. They're quick, easy and fun.

Also fun was adding a hat to this girl. It's just a photo-editing trick. I can't imagine this beauty would be agreeable to mussing her fur with a real one! Her name is Cameo and she is my new foster cat, having moved in earlier this month. For those who followed the story of black and white Hope, I get updates and she is doing beautifully in her new home. Here's hoping Cameo finds an equally wonderful person to adopt her.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, well wishes to all!

For those interested, we'll give Sunlit Sunday a go come January.



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