Saturday, February 14, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 7

It was time to treat myself to a bouquet of tulips. Call it a Valentine's gift to myself or just a small mid-winter investment in blooms, I'm enjoying them.

My own garden is snow-covered and I like to think that the shoveling I've been doing is good for the heart and waistline. Luckily, the white stuff has been of the light and fluffy variety, except for the slushy piles that get deposited at the foot of the driveway by the snowploughs.

I saw some rabbit tracks the other day, but didn't grab my camera to photograph them and now they've vanished under some fresh flakes.

In other animal news, Cameo has clearly decided to help with the animal rescue Facebook page by plunking herself on my lap, next to the laptop. You can see her on the screen in the header. It'll be big news when someone adopts this 9 year old girl!

It's your turn to share a sunny post. 
Wishing you a lovely week,


  1. So cute that Cameo wants to help! The now atop my birdbath looks pretty much the same as yours. :))

  2. Cameo is a sweetheart! I think she likes her foster home very much. :)
    Your tulips are beautiful and your sunlit snowy garden looks pretty too. Have a good week, Karen.

  3. Karen... I have treated myself to two bouquets of tulips... first orange and then pink... and a handful of daffodils. The whole house seems more cheerful with a colorful vase of flowers around. Cameo is the perfect assistant... Wishing that she would find her forever family and live happily ever after! Hope you have a pleasant week with a glimpse of Spring coming your way soon! Smiles...Susan

  4. Great pictures, Karen. I love those Tulips...thanks for sharing.

  5. The tulips are lovely. Whatever colour, a bright bunch I'm a sunbeam is an antidote to winter.

  6. A vase full of tulips is a certain way to brighten a February day. They are graceful and a sign that spring can't be too far away.

  7. Hello dear Karen
    Oh your bowl of red tulips in bud is beautiful and I'm sure they warm your heart in the cold days!
    A Valentine bouquet inspired by dear Cameo.
    She is a very resourceful cat I can see and a great help on the computer.

    My son is moving to Australia and yesterday he brought up his very timid and shy cat 'Snow'.
    She is jet black with a tiny tuft of white on her neck - she has bright green eyes.
    She has been hiding under the bed in the guest room but during the night she popped up on our bed and then off just as quickly - needless to say I didn't have a very good sleep!

    Thank you for hosting.

  8. Between the bright blanket of snow outdoors and the bold pink of your tulips inside, your Sunday is sweetly sunlit. The sparkle in Cameo's eyes adds energy for extra shiny appeal!

    Thanks for hosting. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.


  9. Pretty tulips, such a spring sign we need...
    Your snow photos are very nice with the shadows and: yeah, the cats are our best helpers!
    Have a sunny sunday

  10. Your tulips are so pretty and your snow is so bright and sparkly!! Nothing is prettier than bright blue sky and crisp white snow. Kitties sure have a habit of getting into the middle of everything! Happy Sunday!!

  11. Hello, Karen!
    Cameo looks so cute and professional. :)
    We still haven't seen much sunshine, but I decided to participate with these photos that have at least a hint of sunlight.
    Thank you for hosting! Happy Sunday!

  12. Snow outside and lovely pink tulips inside is perfect. Grrr, I also have wild rabbits in the garden. Your Cleo is a real diva sitting in front of the computer.

  13. Good morning Karen. We are storm stayed today with the big blizzard. You have a lot of snow there too! I hope you enjoy a cozy day today and have a wonderful week. Hugs. Pam

  14. Hi Karen - It is so lovely to see tulips once again. Thank you for your link-up. We cannot see enough sun these days. Deb

  15. It's been quite a week of weather hasn't it! All the animal tracks that have also disappeared here. Good thing with the extreme cold the snow if fluffy as you said and easier to shovel. Looking at your pretty flowers warms the spirit- I need to get some fresh flowers inside! I wish you and Cameo the best of luck finding a new home for her. She looks like a sweet one.

  16. It is nice to have some blooms indoors this time of year makes it so mush nicer ! Lovely photos ! Hope kitty finds a forever home in the mean time she seems to be loving it there and fits in just nicely ! Thanks for hosting and sharing , Very cold here today and it has finally stopped snowing for now lol ! Have a good day !

  17. Pretty tulips Karen, they should give you a boost of spring. Some nice sunlit photos this week, the sun's been out here every day too and we're to have a few days of warmer weather. The coldest Feb. we've spent in Florida.
    Enjoy your week.

  18. Oh I love the tulips - and the mound of snow is very pretty - glad it is at your house. :-)

  19. Those tulips are so pretty. The snow in the garden is as well but I bet you are probably tired of seeing it.
    Cameo is darling. I hope someone adopts her soon.

  20. Lovely tulips! Looking at the photos of winter garden make me want spring even more!

  21. no sun here but lots of cold and those tulips

  22. Such beautiful tulips, just what you need to cheer you up from all that snow! I love that picture of Cameo looking straight at the camera, it is as though she is willing someone to give her that forever home that she deserves! xx

  23. Such a lot of snow! I love to look at snowy pictures like yours! The tulips are beautiful, and a nice bright colour to cheer up the wintry days. Love the kitty pictures, she looks very happy there.
    Helen xox



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