Saturday, March 14, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 11

Life is a little bit full right now, so I'll be brief. My sunny news of the week is that Cameo had a "Meet and Greet" today. She met a lovely woman and her very large Golden rescue who is a certified therapy dog. He visits hospitals and seniors. Isn't that great?

The visit went well, so a home visit will be scheduled next in order to see if the critters can live happily under the same roof. Cross your fingers, please! This nine year old kitty may just have some Irish luck going for her!

I will get around to visit the posts I missed from last week and all from this set. I do apologize for being so painfully slow this year in getting back to you!

Your turn, now.


  1. Hello dear Karen
    Your news is most encouraging - I'll certainly keep my fingers crossed!!
    I hope the Golden dog is polite and nice to Cameo - whom I'm sure will be happy to have a new friend.
    Such beautiful photos of her surrounded by shamrocks, with the luck of the Irish, let’s hope it all goes to plan.
    With a very sad heart I said goodbye to Snow yesterday, she is staying at a Vets while all the tests etcetera are done, so she can fly to Melbourne on Thursday. I'm missing her, but she wasn't mine to keep.
    Many thank you's for hosting Sunlit Sunday Karen, it's always a pleasure to pop in and see what you and Cameo are up to!
    Shane x

  2. I'm so glad to hear the good news for Cameo, and I hope the next visit works out well. Sadly our cat, Shadow, of 16+ years died at the end of January. It was hard to do a Sunlit Sunday post after that as I had always featured her in them. I'm so glad I took so many photos of her. So many wonderful memories live in our hearts.

  3. Good news about Cameo - and she is so charming in her photos, so I'm sure she will have a wonderful visit.

  4. Beautiful photos and I am keeping my fingers crossed for Cameo!


  6. I'm glad Cameo will hopefully be finding a forever home. She's a beautiful cat. Thank you for hosting Sunlit Sunday, Karen. It's an enjoyable link up party. Don't feel bad about being slow getting around to visit - life gets busy! I've been slow this year, too.

  7. We cross our claws for Cameo -
    I'm ill and cannot participiate today, will back next week.
    Have a nice and sunny sunday

  8. Gorgeous cat collages! Cameo is so cute, I hope she will have a good home.
    Thank your for hosting! Happy Sunday!

  9. Wish Cameo a good luck, he certainly deserves it! I would like to thank you Karen for hosting all our links, once again! I wasn't able to visit you earlier, I'm sorry.
    Wishing you a glorious Sunday!

  10. So lovely to hear that Cameo got to spend some time with such lovely company! Hoping she has the same experience while visiting with that wonderful dog. Thanks for hosting, Karen, and please don't worry about the visits; we are here, whenever you can make it!:))

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  11. I will keep my fingers cross for Cameo, I wish her the best place there is and can go on with the dog. The collages are wonderful, that cat looks terrific.

  12. What is there not to love about Cameo's sweet face! I hope she gets placed soon and can spend her final years secure in knowing she's in her forever home. Not that she would likely mind staying with you Karen.

  13. Lovely photos , Crossing my fingers and toes for kitty and that all goes well ! Have a good week !

  14. Cameo may find herself a therapy cat! Exciting news. Thanks for hosting and have a grand week.

  15. Very good news that Cameo has passed the first hurdle! Yep, my fingers are crossed!

  16. What a cute kitty and nice pics!
    Thanks for this meme. My first time to join here. I hope it won't be the last.

  17. Oh I hope Cameo has found her new home and she and the dog get along fine. Sweet pics of her. Have a great week.

  18. Fantastic news about Cameo! I am sure that someone who has a therapy dog must be a lovely person, so Cameo would have a great home wouldn't she. I hope that it all works out! I hope too that you have a good week and that it is a little less busy. Don't worry about the visiting, it is lovely of course to hear from you, but doing a link up myself I know that it takes a while to get round people! Thank you for hosting, be lovely and being you! xx

  19. Great to read - hope all goes well.

    Lovely selection of photo's too.

    All the best Jan

  20. A home with a therapy dog would be a great home for Cameo. My fingers are crossed! She looks so sweet. I think her new family will love her.

  21. Do know Karen I am usually very much a dog person rather than cat but Cameo is just such a beautiful cat. I hope the meet and greet works out and he gets a forever home.


  22. Keeping my fingers crossed for Cameo!
    What sweet pictures of Cameo too.

    Have a happy week.


  23. Good luck to sweet Cameo......the possible new home sounds very promising and I hope it all works out well.
    Wishing you a very happy and sunny Sunday, Karen.
    Helen xox



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