Saturday, March 7, 2015

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 10

I have a bit of a hodgepodge of photos this week. In lieu of just literal sunshine, I'm including things that bring on a sunny mood. For example, last week Lorrie (of Fabric Paper Thread) shared her recipe for Carrot Ginger Soup and I had a lovely time puttering in the kitchen making it. It's delicious, by the way!

After baking many chicken pieces one afternoon, more kitchen puttering the next day led to a rather old school chicken casserole. Warm, comfort food on a cold day just works.

It's seems I've fallen into a food theme at this point. Another day, another place to put some chicken. I gather you can tell the photo was an afterthought, given the way things are splayed about on the plate. It was a tasty lunch, though, with mixed greens, red peppers, green apples, onions, chicken, and a sprinkling of crumbled blue cheese.

Moving on to non-edible greenery, this amaryllis is one I purchased for Christmas 2013. I put it outside the following summer, brought it back in when fall arrived and then neglected the poor thing. With nothing to lose, I've been watering it lately and things are happening. Maybe there will be an amaryllis for St. Patrick's Day!

If so, it will go well with the currently (out of season) blooming Christmas cactus. One thing about having a plant that has failed to produce more than a couple of flowers per year is that this person really appreciates it when it puts on a better show!

Always putting on a good show is my foster, even squinting in the sunshine. Just today, someone inquired about adopting a cat and one of the contenders she mentioned is 9 year old Cameo. I'll have to wait and see how this plays out, but it was wonderful to read that she did not care about the age of the cat she adopts. Now, that's a piece of sunny news!

Your turn. Remember, Sunlit Sunday will wind up at the end of March.
Have a lovely week.


  1. The foodie items look great! That's cool that your amaryllis is growing- what a nice surprise for this time of the year. Congratulations on the Christmas Cactus blooming more fully! Mine is loading up with buds but mostly on one side. I'll take whatever I can get :-)
    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Cameo looks very comfortable. Thanks for the wonderful photos; your food makes me hungry! I don't even try to have houseplants any longer. I have a cat that likes to push things off the table on to the floor! I'll be linking up tomorrow. Thank you for hosting.

  3. Good thing I have already eaten!!! Your food looks great. Good for you for being a foster parent to a cat.
    I'm participating this week but it doesn't look like the Linkey is open yet.

  4. Great food photos, Karen. I'm glad you enjoyed the Carrot Ginger Soup. Your Christmas cactus is so very pretty with the sunlight shining through it. An amaryllis for St. Patrick's Day might be a fun thing! Have a great week, Karen, and thank you for hosting.

  5. So yummy food (I have often so little and not the things, what I would be eat)..
    The hippeastrum comes, I'm sure. They blooms also if they are neglected. I once saw in a market a box with bulbs for sale. The weren't very fresh...for a long time lay there without water and without regard. One hippeastrum had tear up the bag with the stem and bloomed just there in the box. Without soil, without water...
    Someone had brokenthe steam when ooting in the box. So careless! I sawthat andit touched my heart: I bought this bulb and gave her good soil and finally a home.
    Have a sunny sunday

  6. When I saw first photo of your sunny looking carrot soup, I thought delicious, I´m just back from a walk so I nice cup of soup is very appealing. Then I read the recipe of you salad, yummy yummi, I should like that too.
    But last picture is best : Cameo,enjoying the sun. I so do hope she gets the best place there is and you will miss her....

  7. Your post is full of sunlight. This week I have felt so much better with slightly lighter days and the face if the sun showing itself in all it's glory. Not able to join in with a post today. But wish you and everyone else a happy Sunday. Although I did post mammas favourite hazelnut cake recipe if you were interested yesterday...

  8. You made me hungry looking at the food. Enjoy the sunny morning from my part of the world this week

  9. Hello Karen
    Oh that's such good news - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for dear Cameo.
    Your food all looks delicious - especially the salad, which is what we're eating a lot of in the hot weather!
    I will pop over to Lorrie's for her soup recipe - it sounds and looks yummy.
    I'm sorry I missed the last two weeks - I had my friend staying with me!
    Thank you for hosting Karen
    Have a happy Sunday!

  10. Cameo looks like such a sweet cat. You've had her for a while so I bet it will be hard to part with her when she is adopted. The salad sounds so GOOD, by the way. Mmmmm.

  11. Your mini buffet is a scrumptious array of comfort food, perfect for the chilly days of winter. Your Christmas cactus is so pretty in pink, basking in the filtered sunlight of your lacy curtains, but supposedly still too strong for Cameo's gorgeous green eyes!

    Thanks so much for hosting, Karen!

    Wishing you a lovely week ahead.


  12. Great sunny moments indeed, and Cameo looks as though she has found a lovely sun puddle to enjoy! I hope that your amaryllis does well, your cactus is certainly putting on a show!!! I hope that you have a good week!! xx

  13. Your meals look delicious and full of goodness. We had sunny days during the week but this morning is a bit snowy.

  14. YUMMY ! Lovely post and sunny photos ! My Christmas cactus always blooms this time of year as well . My geraniums are blooming like mad now so spring is definitely on her way and the temps will be warming up here to as we have lots of sunshine to go with it . Thanks for sharing and hosting , Have a great week !

  15. Hi Karen. The soup looks delicious in that gorgeous china soup dish! I love chicken and can get 2 or 3 meals out of a rotisserie one for the two of us, including casserole and salad. I thought I'd get a post done to link up but not yet. Maybe later. I've got a terrible cold so stayed home from church this morning. Feeling very punky. :( It was sunny this morning but the clouds are moving in now. Have a great week.

  16. I love all the yummy brightens my day along with indoor blooms.

  17. All those things bring sunshine - even on a cloudy day. Your chicken dishes look wonderfully tasty.

  18. Your carrot ginger soup looks so good! I made (thrice) a wonderful carrot soup. It uses chxn broth, carrots, sweet potatoes, onion, garlic, and tomatoes - boiling until tender, then pureeing in the blender. I love it! I'm going to check out your recipe. Always enjoy trying new things, or different versions of things. Your salad looks really good too. Keeping my fingers crossed for Cameo although I must say she looks quite comfortable just where she is! :)

  19. Your chicken casserole looks mighty tasty!...:)JP

  20. Lorrie's soup recipe, your chicken dish and salad would all be comfort food for me. It will be interesting to see if your amaryllis produces a flower.

  21. All good things here.. soup, salad.. chicken casserole... etc..
    How neat that your amaryllis is growing!

    Have a happy day.


  22. I just found your site and absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing a little piece of your world.



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