Friday, July 8, 2011

Greek Olives and My Garden: There is a Connection!

My watering can is starting to look a little battered and bruised. The shiny surface has worn away and a trace of rust is starting to catch hold. It all results from my habit of leaving it outdoors, rather than tucking it away in the shed. I still like it, though. The smooth, rounded handles feel comfortable in my hands; there are no sharp edges to dig in when it is generously full of rainwater.

Which brings us to my Greek olive barrel. Truly, that is what it is, or at least "was", as you can see from the middle photograph. No self-respecting olives would dare grow in my corner of the world, but here sits their container, repurposed as a rain barrel and sold by a local man.

The water flows through holes at the top, which are protected by screening to keep out insects. There is a tap at the bottom, with a short piece of hose so I can fill the watering can.  In case of very heavy rainfall, a longer piece of hose is attached near the top of the barrel; it directs any overflow away from the foundation of my home.

The Black-eyed Susan vine is new to my garden this year and would benefit from more than a few buds and one bloom.  I think it's time to head to my olive barrel and fill up the watering can! Or, book a trip to Greece...

Do you have anything in your garden or home that is just a little bit unusual?


  1. Hi,Karen!
    How lovely your watering can is! I like it very much. It must have added a crisp color to the flowers in your garden! Our garden is a typical Japanese style.
    Enjoy your weekend, Tomoko.

    July 8, 2011 10:42 PM

  2. Love the weathered watering can...we are actually trying our hand at an Olive Tree this year.

  3. Hello Karen
    I love it when things are repurposed and an old olive barrel adds a touch of the mediterranean to your garden. :-)
    We have my great grandfather's crocs in the garage used years ago for pickles and wine. We're trying to think of a use for them now. One of the country stores said they'd take them on consignment.



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