Thursday, July 14, 2011

Truth be told...

I spent quite a few hours in the garden yesterday, attempting to tame things that were getting out of  control. Funny how those miniscule perennials planted in a narrow bed beside the driveway are suddenly over a metre tall and flopping downwards. And who, pray tell, knocked some daisies to the ground and nibbled on the petals? And when did the lilies grow to such mammoth proportions?

Today, I didn't work in the garden. Granted, I bought more mulch (somewhere cedars are giving up their life for my beds) but won't put it down until after I've tackled a couple of neglected areas. I mention all this lest anyone think I have a fabulous garden, like some incredible ones I've seen on a variety of blogs. Truth be told, I have some pretty bits, some weedy bits (those nasty little vines that cling to and climb the plants are back), and a very sad looking lawn. 

I'm just choosing some of the lovely parts to share. I'm not trying to hide the truth, I just find that by focusing on the positive and photographing the attractive parts of the garden that I'm encouraged to expand on that. You might say that posting here provides a bit of accountability for me to maintain things. 

Strange? Perhaps, but I think my garden is improving and that makes me smile.


  1. I feel the same way. Focusing on what's working makes me want to improve the sections that are struggling. I find the summer heat makes me dream more than work so I admire your time out there yesterday. The daylillies are so pretty.

  2. Your daylillies are just perfect. Enjoyed peeping around on your blog.


  3. There's always some work to do in the garden. I prefer to focus on the beautiful flowers. Judy

  4. Hi Karen
    That's why gardening is so therapeutic. The weedy bits give us a challenge to overcome and the pretty ones, a great sense of accomplishment.
    I'm at the Ontario Horticultural Assoc. convention right now and over 300 enthusiastic gardeners learning and sharing in one place is a powerful motivation for many things.
    When there's a break from meetings and seminars, I take a few minutes to visit a blog or two and your beautiful daylily has brought me a smile today.

  5. Hello,Karen!
    Your lilies are perfectly bright and beautiful!
    I like the dazzling sunlight on the lily, Karen.
    I am going to find lilies blooming while taking my walk, and take photos though it is very hot here in Japan. Many flowers outside need water!!

  6. Your flower pictures are very beautiful. I focus on the good bits too, to make the nicest photos! I think it's also a way to have a happier life generally!
    Helen x

  7. Most of us don't have breathtaking gardens, but with the right photos, we all do. Just keep taking "selective" shots! Nancy

  8. What gorgeous photos. Your garden is amazing. Loved viewing it. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment. Have a wonderful day. Karie

  9. Hi! Thanks for stopping by The Weathered Pane! I enjoy your pictures. We can grow lillies here in Juneau (Alaska) pretty easily, too, although I stay away from a lot of perennials that the dogs can tromple. I think we should pick a day and bare all our weeds and dead plants! (I'm going to post this as anonymous, because when I come upon blogs that ask you to select a profile (I'm a Google), it won't let me post my comments.... So I'll try anonymously. Nancy from the weathered pane



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