Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My First Photo Collages!

As I browse through blogs, I often see lovely collages. Since there is no satisfaction like learning something new, this evening was the time to experiment!

Dear Readers, if you will indulge me, here are my first 3 collages. Ever.  

In the first one, above, I thought I'd play with the contrast between the pure white daisies and the reddish-orange geranium blossom.

This lavender-coloured rose bush, which has a heavenly sweet scent, is fairly close in hue to my coneflowers. I decided to put the two of them adjacent to each other.

The theme in my final collage was "growth". Literally, from daisy bud to daisy. Figuratively, it could represent my developing (I hope!) blogging skills.

There are many exciting things to learn in blogging. In reading various ones, I stumble across ideas such as tea, mosaic, floral, and oodles-of-other-special-day-of-the-week posts. Or parties. Or something! I haven't tried any of those yet; perhaps that could be my next challenge.

I'd appreciate any feedback you could give on my maiden voyage into collages. As well, any thoughts on where I should start as a participant in a special themed blogging day? (Or whatever they are called. Hmmm, I think I need to learn the proper lingo!) I'm interested in home and garden themes, I just haven't traveled in my house with the camera yet. (The dust bunnies are awaiting their photo op.)

Thank you for your ideas. Bye for now!


  1. I love the mosaics, I'm just learning to do them, I have to be told over and over again what to do, but now I have it all written down, I think blogs are a great way of expanding our computer vocabulary, as I don't go out to work, it's something I wouldn't really get to grips with if I didn't have a blog....As for your blog themed day, Perhaps you should start your own so that your under no pressure :)

  2. Your mosaics are lovely!
    Yes,the contrast in the first mosaic is bright! The second mosaic is graceful with purple colors. Oh,the daisy is surly growing!! I enjoyed your flowers!
    Have a great day!
    Tomoko from Japan.

  3. Good Morning!
    Your mosaics are perfect...you did a wonderful job! If you're looking to join in with others to show off your mosaics you can join Mary over at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. I haven't done it for a while but it is always fun. I hope you have a wonderful day up there in my 'homeland'!
    Maura :)

  4. Willow: Thank you!

    Crafts@home: I used Piknik. It was suggested on the Cozy Little House blog. Good luck with your experiments and thank you for your suggestion!

    Tomoko: Thanks. I hope you have a great day too!

    Maura: You are too kind! Your idea about Mosaic Monday sounds like fun. Warm wishes from the land of your birth!

  5. Hi Karen
    I'm using Picnik now too since I switched to a Mac laptop. I've been participating in Mosaic Monday for a long time and really like creating collages, watch out though, they can become addictive. What you've done here is nice, especially since you're colour coordinating or doing a theme.
    When you are visiting blogs, check out the memes (parties) that others are participating in and you'll find common interests from them and the blogs themselves.
    I might mention one thing here though; people who leave a comment rarely, if ever will return for your replying comments unless they've asked you a question. It would be better to leave a reply on their blog or email directly to continue a conversation.
    Hope my suggestions help!

  6. Hi, I think they turned out awesome! Great first start, I'd say!




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