Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Several years ago, I purchased a tiny pot of delightful, yellow coreopsis.  

This mainstay of my garden, with the seemingly delicate flowers that waft in the whispering breeze, is remarkably rugged.

It has grown, thrived, and propagated effortlessly. If I had a bare spot of ground that needed a blast of glowing radiance, I pulled some shallow-rooted coreopsis out of the now-substantial-clump and plunked it elsewhere!

Delicate and strong. Both descriptors are applicable to coreopsis - and sometimes people.

a bud of promise
a blossom of radiance
brightening the day

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  1. Don't you find that these golden flowers just glow? Your photos are excellent.
    I really should get some of this variety of coreopsis too. My favourites are the thread-leaf coreopsis 'Moonbeam' and 'Zagreb' which are dainty looking with tiny flowers.

  2. I feel the same way about both coreopsis and shasta daisies. Both have become the backbone of my summer garden and have the added bonus of thriving in the heat. Every fall I divide the large ones and plug them in to any bare spots. Yours look beautiful!

  3. I have these cute flowers. But they aren't nearly as prolific as years. Mine are just small clumps.

  4. Judith: I agree, they do glow. "Moonbeam" is lovely; I had to look up "Zagreb". Yesterday, I got a variety called "Sweet Dreams". It has white petals with a raspberry coloured base.

    Lemon Lane Cottage: Daisies are fabulous! I really must divide mine in the fall. Currently, they are squished in a narrow bed and are just starting to open. I really enjoyed your recent post on daisies.

    Brenda: I find that the seeds drop and I discover new plants near the main one. Sometimes I leave them (which makes the clump seem larger), sometimes they get moved. As I'm mulching this year (about time), I imagine I'll see fewer little start-ups!

  5. Your coreopsis (sp?) are beautiful. Maybe I should get those? This year so far my non-green thumb has killed the hydrangeas and the dahlias :( But so far the impatiens and the wave petunias are thriving. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us!

  6. Your bright flowers and vivid air make me excited! Summer is just here and sunflowers are blooming too, soon! I am so impressed to learn that the sea photo in your former post was taken in Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia.My second wonderful English teacher was from Nova. Scotia. I liked to hear from him during our English lessons that how beautiful place Nova Scotia is! 10 years have passed since then. My present teacher, who is the fifth, is from Vancouver!
    Tomoko from Japan.

  7. Mary: Thank you. Like you, I have had some plants go belly-up over the years! It sounds like you are doing very well with some choices, though.

    Tomoko: I am happy that you liked the photo and that it brought back pleasant memories for you. Who knows, maybe one day you will visit this country!



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