Thursday, September 15, 2011

Come Inside

For me, part of the pleasure of having a garden is bringing flowers indoors. A sweet smelling rose in a handcrafted pottery vase makes me happy.

This golden glow brightens up the living room.

As the evening wears on, I like the silhouettes against the backdrop of lace curtains.

Ahhh, hydrangeas! They are perfect for picking at this time of year.

They get plunked in a pitcher, no water required, and they dry beautifully. One bouquet is for me to keep. A second one, below, will go to a lovely friend.

I'm thinking about trying to make a project with hydrangeas and an old grapevine wreath. Has anyone done this? All tips will be gratefully accepted!

Meanwhile, this post is being linked with Tracie at Fishtail Cottage for "Cottage Flora Thursday"

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Warm wishes,


  1. Hi Karen,
    It's so nice to have fresh flowers around the house. Always brightens my day! Your photos are beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous flowers. I know your friend will love her bouquet!

  3. Karen,
    I love how green your hydrangeas are, just beautiful. Check this out. I have made many wreaths out of mine. We use them in a fall sale my garden club has each year.
    We use a straw base, cheap ay Michaels and then grab a 40% coupon and it is almost nothing. U pins and work with the flowers green or cut and put in plastic trash bags. They are beautiful and last a long time. I made a blue on last week.

  4. Your green hydrangeas are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by our blog today and commenting on mine. They would make a beautiful wreath. Maybe I'll have to try making one too.
    Warm wishes.

  5. It must be a delicate joy to be able to cut some flowers in your own gardens, and then enjoy them in a vase :)

  6. Thanks for visiting my site... interesting when reading your post that I realized how seldom my wife and I bring garden flowers inside... perhaps because we spend so much of the season in the gardens! Larry

  7. Beautiful hydrangeas, I never realized I didn't need water in the pot!!! Ah well, learn something new everyday. Thank you.

  8. I love the hydrangeas! Beautiful blooms and photos :)

  9. What beautiful floral vignettes you shared today. My favourite I think is the shadows against the curtains.

  10. Hi Karen
    Your flowers look nice in the vases. I don't bring my flowers in often enough but I do plan to dry some of my Limelight hydrangea blooms this year.

  11. I've never had luck with hydrangeas here. And I just love them. Perhaps I'll have more luck in OK.



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