Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Broken Window: Why?

Late last night, I was sitting in my living room with an old friend. We heard a loud crack/pop sound. We waited a minute or two before we dared to stand in front of the window, then called the police.

Mine isn't a "rough" neighbourhood, but someone did this intentionally. Across the street, a neighbour had been sitting on his porch and was able to describe the sound he heard a block south of us, how the car was traveling slowly and stopped at my home, then he heard the same noise just north of us. While one of the officers was in my home (others, including the sergeant, were on the lawn and in the garden), a call came on the police radio about another incident about a 4 minute drive from here. I had a second pane of glass that stopped whatever-it-was from entering my home (not a bullet, I was assured; that would have gone through both).

Windows can be replaced. No one was hurt. But, why would some people get in a car, drive around late at night, and do such things to the cozy homes of strangers?


  1. Because they can, that's why. Probably sociopaths with no conscience.

  2. How frightening! Glad everyone is ok. Hope they catch the culprits!

  3. Sometimes there's no understanding. I'm so sorry to read this, as it must be so upsetting for you. If this happened to several houses I'm sure the police will find the vandals.
    Wishing you calm at an upsetting time.

  4. What a terrible thing to happen. I hope the vandal(s) are caught soon before they do this to others. Very often these things are done by teenagers acting on a dare.

  5. That is so sad. What is this world coming to. It seems no neighborhood is save from violence or vandlelism.

  6. Yikes, thank goodness no one was hurt. Hopefully they will catch the culprit.
    Enjoy the long weekend.

  7. Oh my God! Good thing no one was hurt in that incident! You may never know the reason why they did this. Maybe its just sheer thrill-seeking. But if that hole was not caused by a bullet, then what on earth can puncture a glass window like that?



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