Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Last Hurrah

September has rolled around. It's the time of year when the days are starting to cool, but still too early for the leaves on the trees to have changed colour. My morning glories seem happy.

The roses don't miss the hot, humid days of summer. They've rallied!

New shoots and fresh blooms have appeared.

Some may be a bit faded around the edges.

Others dispense an overwhelming fragrance. It must be their last hurrah before Autumn throws on a sweater, settles in, and makes herself at home in the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, at the back of the garden, the new rudbeckia is offering a harvest of sunshine, even when the rain falls.

Before the summer officially departs, I need to get done what needs doing. Meet my role model.

Enjoy September, everyone!

I'm pleased to be linking with Fishtail Cottage for "Cottage Flora Thursday".

Warm wishes,


  1. Absolutely AMAZING!!
    Such beautiful pictures!!!!
    thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Karen
    Fantastic pictures as usual, especially the bee. I've seen a few trees starting to take on an autumn rosy glow, won't be long before they all begin to change.

  3. What gorgeous late summer roses. Do you know the name of your fragrant one. I am on a mission to add some wonderfully fragant roses to my garden next year. Beautiful photography!

  4. These are such beautiful photos. Gorgeous flowers and colours.

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous!! The drought has just about wiped us out this year but hopefully it will start raining and we can always dream about next years garden!

    I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me.
    Have a great day!!

  6. As i read your post, i'm kinda sad to think that the flowering season is almost over. I don't want to have to wait till next year to see all the gorgeous gardens again. Thanks for sharing over at Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoox, tracie

  7. What beautiful photos, your flowers are lovely! Amazing colors!!

  8. Hi Karen,
    Your flowers and photos are beautiful! My garden is not looking so good anymore!

  9. Thank you for bringing colour into my Thursday! Your photographs are beautful. You've cheered up a dreary day!

  10. dear Karen your bee is not flying but is an amazing macro shot! congrats :) lovely photos and beautiful garden.

  11. Beautiful beautiful photos thanks for sharing these.

  12. Wow, the photo with the bee really captures my interest. Lovely!

  13. Lovely flowers and wonderful captures. They certainly are putting on a show for you! :)

  14. I like your role model! His diligent industry is certainly inspirational! Your roses are lovely. Is it just me or do flower colors not get more intense as well as the fragrance in fall?
    P.S. I am your latest follower.

  15. Your morning glories are lovely. Mine did well until mid-August. They are in a pot on a covered porch, and I forgot that when we have a rainy period, I still need to water them! Oops.

    My roses are getting ready for a fall flush of color. Lots of buds. We are supposed to have some sunny days here (after 5 straight days of rain!), so they should bloom soon.

    I like your site, and will be sure to visit often!

  16. P.S. I agree with Jennifer above me. The colors do seem more vibrant and fresh in the cooler fall temperatures!

  17. Thanks for droppin' in at my place ~ always fun to meet new people!
    Your photos are stupendous ~ especially the bee! I haven't mastered the macro mode yet!(or anything else, for that matter) but I keep pluggin' along!
    Enjoy these last days of summer!

  18. Wonderful Macro shots from your flowers. Great colors and beautiful details.

  19. Yes Fall has arrived down here on the prairie. I love the copper and burgundy colors as they appear when temps get cooler. What a great time of year. Enjoy it all

  20. Your flowers are stunning, I love your blog, the latest post on cheeses is fascinating so I have decided to become your latest follower so that we can keep in touch.

  21. Such beautiful blooms! Your photographs are amazing...just love that bee!



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