Sunday, September 25, 2011

Roses and Black-Eyed Susan Vine

If you stroll around my garden, you'll still find some blooms. 
These rosy reds continue to forge ahead.

The sunshiny Susans determinedly cling to the weather-beaten cedar fence.

I had better enjoy the colour while it's still here!

Follow the link to see Mary at Little Red House for "Mosaic Monday".  
Thank you for visiting. I appreciate all of the thoughtful comments you leave!

Warm Wishes,


  1. Such gorgeous photos and I get the comment about enjoying the color while we can. Our days here in the midwest have been quite a bit cooler lately. I love the fall though, so I am not complaining. Thanks for visiting BeColorful today and leaving such a warm comment on my painted table and yellow chair. :0

  2. Beautiful...of course I love the Black Eyed Susan vine and the roses, well, they are secretly my favorite!

  3. Hello my northern friend! I came over from Susan Branch's the roses and all your picture!

    xoxo Gert

  4. What lovely flowers you have! I just love to look at flowers; I never stop marveling at them.

  5. I love black eyed Susan vine but haven't had it for a couple of years now. Maybe next year.
    I added a link to the top down baby sweater on my post today. Hope you give it a try.



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