Saturday, January 23, 2016

☀Sunlit Sunday: Week 2

Thank you very much to those who participated in Sunlit Sunday last week and who visited the linked posts. I know I enjoyed that part! One thing: I noticed that there were some blogs that accepted only Google+ comments. In those cases, I looked for an email so I could contact you that way. Is there a way around this little problem of not being about to comment, does anyone know, without setting up a Google+ account?

There was intermittent sunshine in my corner of Canada this week. Whether bright or dull outside, it's a always pleasure to pick up a good book. The one pictured here is Louise Penny's The Nature of the Beast. Some of you may be as hooked on Penny's series as Yours Truly. I just happened to notice the sunlight on it and reached for the camera.

This is another afternoon view. I always find the play of light and shadow fascinating.

Please don't assume I spend all my time indoors. Bundled up in snow pants, boots and all kinds of winter paraphernalia, I went on a hike Thursday morning in one of my region's conservation areas.

It was a beautiful day and 14 of us enjoyed taking in the woodland and water views. I should be doing this sort of thing more often!

Did you find some sunshine this week, literal or figurative?
It's your turn!


  1. Lovely shots of the sunshine out your way!
    I haven't read any Louise Penney but I will look out for her. I hope that I'll be able to join you tomorrow with this link - I missed the brief moments of sunshine between the rain showers today!

  2. Lovely light and shadows glad you had some sunny moments this week. Loved last weeks link up so much. Don't know the author or the books you mentioned. Must look them up x

  3. I'm so glad you found some sunshine this week as I know winter can be a very dull time wwithout.
    I'm not familiar with this writer but I will note her name in my diary for my visit to the library later this week.
    The play of light is and I can hardly believe all that snow. I imagine the atmosphere is very still and quiet. It's good to get some fresh air each day if possible.
    Thank you for hosting Sunlit Sunday Karen!

  4. Beautiful and happy photos of snow and bright sunshine!
    Our sun is very low in this time of year, but one notices how the days are becoming longer.
    Thank you for hosting Sunlit Sunday and have a great new week!

  5. How wonderful that you could get out and enjoy the beautiful snowy sights on your walk!! A definite sunlit moment. Thank you for hosting once again! xx p.s. if you look at the dashboard for the link up you should find the e-mail addresses there. xx

  6. Lovely photos ! It has been a lovely sunny week and weekend so far , I can handle winter better with lots of sun shiny days . Thanks for hosting , and sharing . have a good week !

  7. Louise Penny is the best! Beautiful image of the book. You are so lucky to have a place to walk ... even in the snow! Lovely images ... the snow (to those of us who don't get snow) looks magical ... peaceful and calm. Love the little monk. Thanks for hosting! Hope your day is SunLit!

  8. New to your blog, but I keep seeing Sunlit Sunday posts among some of my followers' blogs and thought I'd join in! Beautiful photos of a reading corner. For some reason sunshine on a chair just begs for a little reading time. I've not read Louise Penny, but now you have me curious. Very nice shots through the cedar woods ... we have a very similar conservation area near us with the beautiful light through the cedars and the creek. A lovely walk :)

  9. Such lovely sunlit photos. I hope to participate again soon. I am a huge fan of Louise Penny and have read all of the Gamache series so far. Have you watched Still Life on DVD? I thought they did a great job...

  10. Beautiful post today. I too enjoy the shots of sunshine and shadow. I did go outside this week but not on a hike. So right about the book. Always a good choice sunny or bright. I am not familiar with Penny books either but will look them up. Thanks so much for hosting us through the winter. A cuppa to you.

  11. The snow looks so pretty, but I bet it's cold. I'm joining in for the first time this week, hope to see you again soon!

  12. Happy Sunlit Sunday, Karen!

    Although I do not have anything to share yet, (a new job has taken up most of my time - and energy!), I am happy to follow you on your invigorating trek through that beautiful, wintry wonderland. Indeed, the light in your photos, along with its shadowy sidekick, is enticingly alluring!

    Wishing you a happy week ahead,


  13. Lovely sunny pics! There is nothing nicer than being outdoors on a crisp sunny snow filled day!

  14. Hello,Karen,
    You have that beautiful sunlight through your window and also have the snow in the woods outside.
    I have not had snow yet this winter. I have been waiting for snow to fall here though!Thank you for letting me to join Sunlit Sunday today.
    Hope you have a good week!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. The light on the book makes a beautiful photo. I've read all of the Louise Penny books and have enjoyed them all. Looking forward to the next one out in late summer/fall.
    It's great to get out into nature, no matter the season. Hope you are having a great week.



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