Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Few Blooms (and a Weed)

I'd say this tulip is about a month early. 
There it is, half hidden by a weigela bush, but shining through with the cheery red petals.

Weedy patches sprout up now and again and I feel like I should have mastered how to deal with them at this point, in the garden and in life.

But, "spring has sprung", "hope springs eternal" and all that jazz!

After all, some magnolia trees were hit hard by our strange weather conditions, but my tree is starting to bloom. That bodes well for the future, wouldn't you say?


  1. When you master the weeds please tell me. I weeded for 2 hours yesterday. Good for my waist but bad for my attitude. I love your saucer magnolia ours is sick but getting better.

  2. Karen, I don't have anything blooming yet. Well except the dandelions. I weeded for a couple hours or more on Saturday.
    Love the color of you magnolia tree.

  3. My Mom told me that my Granny used to sit in the yard and dig up dandelions with a knife. Better woman than me! Lol

  4. Hi Karen, I noticed my tulips were just starting to open today. And I noticed I have quite the collection of weeds to contend with! Your magnolia looks like it has made it through this odd and unusual spring in top form.

  5. Hi Karen
    I'd say you're a smart gardener that bought a magnolia that blooms later. (me too!) I like the colour of your petals, mine is a light pink. Call me crazy but I find dandelion flowers very pretty.
    Did you get the scads of red admiral butterflies in your area? Dozens of small ones out the front and back here.

  6. Your tulip and dandelion are beautifully shining!! Our garden has been taken care by my mother-in law who lives with us.She likes dandelion, other wild tiny flowers and weeding as well!I do not have to weed in our garden.

  7. I picked my first dandelion yesterday - but the tulips will need another day or two to bloom. The magnolia is still in bud - a treat to be anticipated.

  8. Such pretty flowers, gorgeous shots. Even the weed looks so pretty to me. Beautiful time of year!

  9. Which one is the weed? not that beautiful yellow one, that is just a wildflower growing in the wrong place :) Your tulips are early, mine are barely budding.

  10. Karen, You're a great photographer! You can even make a weed look beautiful! Love the magnolia bloom too. Beautiful!

  11. oh, how pretty! Especially love the blue ones....lupines? Thanks for sharing these pics. I am growing a small night blooming garden :)

  12. Lovely colours Karen and even the weed looks beautiful. Found several of these in my garden. Why are they so hardy?

  13. Beautiful signs of spring, our tulips and magnolia have done very badly this year but there are hundreds of dandelions!

  14. Beautiful pictures,
    Spring has come to you with colorful flowers!
    Magnolia is a wonderful beauty.
    Have a nice weekend

  15. OK, I am here, and I brought my weeder, LOL. Great shots, and I adore that Magnolia...sigh..thinking of getting one for our garden.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams



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