Saturday, April 7, 2012

☀ Sunlit Sunday (#14): Spring in the Garden

Yesterday's post was about how I've started to house-hunt
Given that, I had better make a special point of enjoying my garden this spring.
(And catching the weeds early.)

While in a grocery store this morning,  I had a brief chat with a woman who was admiring the hyacinths. She picked up a pot for me to sniff and told me about the big purple blooms in her own garden.

This is a sight that makes me happy.
The shoot of a peony!
I imagine I'm not the only one whose affection for a particular plant is grounded in childhood memories.

The leaves may not look like much now, but tulips are another favourite, particularly when they dance in the breeze. This fondness may well relate to my youth in Ottawa and the magnificent Tulip Festival held every year.

Finally, the biggest blast of colour, right now, is the forsythia bush at the front of my home. It has a definite golden glow that suits my sunny mood.

Best Wishes to you on the occasions of Easter, Passover and Spring.


  1. I adore peonies, and love tulips and forsythia, they always herald springtime. Have a blessed holiday. xo

  2. Beatiful photos from your garden.
    Thanks for hosting.
    Wish you a wonderful Sunday.

  3. Hello Karen
    I missed your post yesterday and can only add that you'll know the right place when you see it. Until then, enjoy the sunlight and flowers where you are and be content in knowing your blogging friends can follow you wherever you go.
    Happy Easter.

  4. Lovely photos of the blooms, I love forsythia but don't have it in my garden. Now might be a great time to look at houses as you can see what the gardens are like and what is already growing there. You can also pot up plants in your present garden before they get too big with the thoughts of taking them with you.

  5. Hello Karen!
    I love this time of year when all the spring flowers and shrubs are in full bloom. One day I'm going to plant some hyacinth here on the farm...they're so pretty and the fragrance is wonderful. How exciting that you are 'house hunting''s like a new adventure in your fun! I'm sure you'll find the perfect home for you and I look forward to tagging along on your journey :) Have a wonderful sunny Sunday!
    Maura :)

  6. Me too, I will be visiting your new place when you find it. Sometimes it is hard to leave. I remember when we moved into our new house there was nothing but some tiny little shrubs that the builder put out and it took it a while to become ours. I love all your photos. My favorite flower is hydrangea but they are not in bloom yet but the leaves are so beautiful and green. Blessings to you and yours at this Easter time.

  7. You have a lot of pretty flowers in your garden, Karen. I have nothing blooming yet but my peonies are growing fast. You got some really nice close up pictures. I can't seem to get good close ups.
    Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

  8. Good morning Karen.
    Great pictures you show.
    Wishing you a happy Easter Sunday.
    Hugs Hanne Bente /

  9. Happy Easter! I have hyacinths in flower as well, although I have had little time to admire or photograph them this busy holiday weekend. I hope you have a great Sunlit Sunday!

  10. Beautiful pictures!
    I love flowers of all colors, shapes and textures!
    A beautiful week for you!

  11. Your photos are wonderful.

    I am delighted to find a new meme to play and it fit right in with my post today so I linked up this week.

  12. Tulips and peonies - such treasures in spring and early summer! I went to university in Ottawa and remember those tulips. Some years the spring heat would arrive so suddenly that the tulips would bloom and wilt too fast. It's one thing I love about the coast - the long cool spring means that spring flowers last for weeks.

  13. I have just been catching up with your recent blog posts, some gorgeous photos again this week and possible change coming up, exciting times.



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