Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mowing and More

It was a sun-shiny day and time to start "keeping up with the Joneses". The occasional neighbourhood lawn mower had roared into action lately and I thought I had better dust off my beast and mow the dandelions (and some grass) for the first time this season.

With an electric mower one gets to dance over, under, and around the incredibly long extension cord. I hope the neighbours enjoyed this display of my middle-aged dexterity. There's nothing that adds a little thrill to mowing like the threat of a power surge through your body if you run over the cord.

I did indulge in a little interlude of browsing between tackling the front yard and the back. It makes me very happy to see that the peonies are coming along. I particularly like this one; it stands upright without a ring or cage of any kind, even when the richly coloured, heavy blossoms cover it. Come back in June and you can see them. 

This butterfly and some friends were flitting around here and there.

Not all were this cooperative!

It felt great to get some fresh air today,  weed the flower beds out front and mull over the easiest way to get rid of a multiplying multitude of dandelions in the lawn. Still working on that last one, so if you have any environmentally friendly tips, please let me know.

Happy Spring!


  1. I love that you mow grass. I do too with a self propelled mower and when feeling especially brave I do without the self propel feature. I think of pulling weeds as keeping my waist size down.

  2. I love the smell of new mown grass! I also love it when I can hear lawn mowers up and down the road we live on all mowing at the same time. :) I'm still in Fort McMurray. No green grass here yet but I hear it's pretty green back in N.B. Thanks for visiting. Hugs, Pamela

  3. Hi Karen, Glad to see you had sunny skies. We did too and it was in the upper 70's, but the wind sure blew. I don't have a lawn mower. I've been having a high school kid mow my lawn the last few years. Last week my neighbor mowed it while he was mowing his. He said he would do it again this weekend. But it is supposed to be really cold and rainy so he might not get it done. He is away all week long so I might have to get the high school boy. I dug up a few dandelions. Need to get some spray though.
    Hope you have another nice spring day tomorrow.

  4. So nice to see your blue sky Karen and great to see your garden again start to flurish.

  5. Yes, the garden chores begin. We did get out grass cut for the first time about a week ago, now it needs doing again. It grows so well with the rain. I need to edge some more of the garden, perhaps now the ground will be a little easier to dig. We had some light frost overnight.

  6. Beautiful snapshots!
    Have a good night!

  7. What a beautiful day! Loved seeing the pretty butterfly in your garden. Nature is waking up! Have a good wknd!

  8. We have a gas mower and it is very unreliable. Last year, when the gas mower refused to start, I borrowed the neighbour's electric mower. The cord is a bit of a pain, but I liked the fact that you could flip a switch and turn it off and on. Your peonies are a bit ahead of mine. With the cold snap we have had the last couple of days, they seem to be reluctant to open their leaves.

  9. Hi Karen,
    The lawn mowers are roaring here too. Time to get our yards in order. I did some gardening last weekend and ended up with poison ivy and a prescription-eek! I have to get back out there and do a little more weeding- a truck load of mulch will be here any minute and I'm not ready! Boy, it's going to be a busy weekend! Love the butterfly photos-I haven't seem any here yet! Happy gardening!

  10. I just found your Sweet blog and Im LOVING it! Your pics are awesome,and Im looking forward to much more wonderful inspiration from you.Please stop over and chat some with a fellow gardening friend.Deidre~



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