Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Lake

I mentioned in "A Woodsy Walk" that the stroll also included time by the lake.

There is a long, steep drop beneath this piece of land. 
Erosion has clearly taken place, but the trees are, nonetheless, hanging on to life.
Their grip may be tenuous,
their eventual fate inevitable,
but still they dig in, grab hold, and proudly stand their ground.

The lake stretches out well into the distance.

Land is not even visible, just a barge on the horizon.
 From this perspective, one could believe this massive expanse to be an ocean.

I'll hush now. 
Enjoy your own private moments by the water.


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  1. I see you captured a sea gull along with the barge. It looks like you had a perfect day! My favorite places to be and relax are the woods and the ocean or lakes. I wish I liked closer to Lake Superior, but I am at the opposite end of the state, about 5 hours away. How far are you from Lake Ontario?

  2. I love the relaxing feeling that comes over me when I am by the water, hearing the gentle lapping of the water or the screech of a gull just adds to the experience. My dream house would be beside a small lake.

  3. Karen, I love both your lake post and your woodsy post! Such stunning photographs, such beautiful places.
    Blessings, Beth

  4. Hello Karen
    Oh, look at those sunbeams shining on the water in the last photo. We often walk down to the lake and sit on a picnic table overlooking the water. During the week without visitors to the park, it's quiet and very relaxing. I am so glad we moved to this location with a beautiful lake within walking distance.

  5. When we lived in Kingston our street ended at the water, and we had a view of the lake across the road as well, because we lived on a Point. I loved Lake Ontario in every season. Your photos do it justice.

  6. Sometimes my grip on life is tenious just like the trees.

  7. I was born to the sound of the sea and lived close to the sea for twenty years. Then I moved to the prairies! Too late I realized I needed the smell of water to thrive. Thank you for the wonderful photographs.

  8. Amazing photographs and I can just about hear the wind rustling the leaves

  9. What beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing them.

  10. Very nice photos of the tranquil water.
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Wasn't sure what lake this is, but it reminds me of Lake Erie, so I'm guessing it must be one of the Great Lakes. Your photos are beautiful and I love those trees hanging on for dear life. That's how I feel most days. The thing I've noticed about trees and flowers along the lake are that they are so much stronger than anything inland. The flowers are always prettier at Lake Erie and never seem to notice the winds that come blowing across the lake, whereas in my protected gardens, they fall over and play dead.



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