Monday, April 23, 2012

"Just Wait Until This Afternoon"

Should I be knitting some little flower-sized sweaters? 
There is a forecast for rain and snow over the next day or so.


Some flowers were lured by the unusually early spring warm and coaxed into blooming.

It may be time for them to curl up and reconsider their options.
As for me, I'm off to have lunch at a friend's home later this morning. I'd better find a cozy turtleneck sweater and choose between gloves or mittens. A few minutes ago, the meteorologist on the radio commented, "Just wait until this afternoon!"
Spring. It's full of surprises!

How are things with you?


  1. Such magnificent tulips . Yes Spring is certainly keeping us and the plants on our toes. Here it is rainy and colder and I have taken myself to the fire and I am going to do some sewing.

  2. Beautiful tulips, love the warm and cosy colors, they are going to need it today aren't they? Ah spring, apparently when it turns here, it really turns....

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. The weather has taken some dramatic turns this last week of April! I am amazed - it is chilly - for us - here and extremely windy! I hope your flowers weather this snow! Keep warm,

  4. Snow? Oh no. My heat just came on. Yikes. Hugs to you, olive

  5. Love the photos of you tulips and how you captured the water droplets.
    The weather has been windy and chilly, but today is sunny and supposed to get to the 60's which will feel good. We have had some much needed rain.
    Dress warm and enjoy your lunch!

  6. Wow, such breathtakingly beautiful pictures of those lovely tulips. Yep, we had heavy frost here on the Ponderosa...again. roses are bloomin' and my Crepe Myrtle is lookin' pretty blacken and sad.

    God bless ya and have a super great week sweetie!!! :o)

  7. Hi Karen, Your pink tulips are beautiful, even if they did decide to curl up! They must be confused by the changes in the weather. lol
    Karen, your photography is absolutely stunning. Amazing photos every time you post!

  8. We have had nearly 3 inches of rain since yesterday. Last Monday it was 90 degrees! Today it is 50. Your photos are wonderful! xo

  9. What beautiful photos or these lovely tulips. It's sure turned cold here in NC...wind chills in the 20s! BBrrrr!

  10. We just missed the snow and I'm so thankful. My lilacs are blooming so early this year and so many other flowers too. The warm spell we had was crazy and now if the weather continues to be crazy we will miss out on so many beautiful blooms. It's just not fair!
    Oh well, can't change the weather..
    Lovely Tulips...

  11. Hi Karen
    We got the surprise of snow for most of today. It hasn't piled up on the ground mind you, but darn it was cold out there today.
    Good shots of your flowers. How is the house hunting coming?

  12. Love the tulips! It's gotten chilly here in NY again after some rally warm days but no snow!

  13. It's been lovely and cool here the last few days, unseasonably so. Your tulips are just gorgeous.

  14. The weather can be so capricious in spring. Keeps us on our toes - and the warm clothes still available. Hope it warms up soon. Your tulips are such a lovely colour.



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