Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Bits and Pieces

Yesterday afternoon, I  headed out to pick up my tax return and swing by one of the local garden centres on the way home. (I love the frills on these!)

Generally, I have pansies planted earlier than this, but it had been so chilly that it didn't "feel" like that time of year. Armed with a coupon for 79 cent 4 cell packs, I picked up some for pots.

I'll be sure to plant them this weekend,  prune a few shrubs, buy and spread some weed/feed product... some laundry, make some soup, visit a couple of open houses, read, knit...

That's the plan.
I watched part of an old tv show rerun yesterday and one character said, "Planning is not doing."
In a minute, I'll be off!

What are you doing this weekend?
Do tell.


  1. Very pretty, looks so nice where you are! We're having a nice pretty day, meeting up with some old friends for lunch. Enjoy your weekend, sounds fun, well maybe not laundry but the open houses and reading!

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend but enjoyable. Beautiful pansies. It is foul weather here. Rain and high winds, well actually a gale is going on at the moment. So indoor activities for me.

  3. Good night my dear!
    Thank you for the affection of the visit!
    Beautiful flowers, I am in love with them!

    Today we did a tour with the family at the mall!
    Add up the joys is always better!
    Tomorrow will rest!

    A happy Sunday to you!

  4. I love your blog and choice of plants. I made a visit to a comminity garden to donate seeds this weekend and potted up a few plants. Very boring but peaceful.

  5. How pretty. Their little faces are so cheerful.
    What am I doing this weekend? I just took a nap ;-)

  6. I love pansies, but I've never seen the frilled ones. They are just so sweet. The yellow one with the purple edge is stunning!

  7. Your pansies are beautiful, Karen! Sounds like you had a nice wknd.



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