Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Pastel Bouquet and a Bunny Face

I picked up a bunch of flowers to give to my sister-in-law this weekend. Having been smitten with the blogging bug, it dawned on me that I would photograph them before they left my house.

I think you understand that urge, Dear Bloggers.
It's an affliction we share.

You can catch a glimpse of my sister-in-law's handiwork in this photo. 
Can you see a smidgeon of the quilt in the upper left corner of the photo?
The delicately coloured floral fabrics go well with the pastel blooms. 

Along with the flowers was a turnip/carrot dish I was taking to contribute to the Easter dinner. It was a fairly spontaneous decision to make a quick template and arrange the parsley into a bunny's face:
a couple of raisins for eyes, 
a dried cranberry for the mouth, 
and some slivers of dried apricot for the whiskers. 

I'm not prone to such bits of whimsy, but let's create a smile here and there!

Small things amuse me.

I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend, whether you are celebrating 
or the season in general.

I'm delighted to be linking with "Mosaic Monday" at Little Red House. Drop over to visit Mary, the hostess. Her photos are always gorgeous.


  1. Hi Karen,
    The flowers are beautiful and I bet your sister-in-law loved them. The bunny dish made me smile. Small things amuse me too. ;) What program and background papers did you use?

  2. Beautiful flowers and a lovely Easter post. Your dish look cute with the bunnies face. Happy Easter!

  3. What a pretty Easter post...your mosaics are just lovely!

  4. What a fun post! Beautiful eye candy. Lovely flowers. And you are right ... have to take the photos! Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy Flowers!!!!!

  5. How cute! You made a perfect dish for the holiday! I'm sure it tasted wonderful, too!

  6. Ah, Karen, now you're catching on. :-)
    The bunny face on your veggie dish is cute; I'll bet the family loved it.

  7. Oh yes, I totally understand the urge to photograph... well, everything! ;) Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday! xoxo

  8. Very nice Mosaics. Love them all.

  9. A bit of whimsy is a good thing, in my mind. Love the parsley bunny! And I'm with you on photographing almost everything - it could be blog fodder!

  10. Hi Karen ! Ahhhhhh the beautiful photos ! I really really love the second one with your sister in law's quilt in the photo, it's perfect with the flowers. I also love the background you used for your photos, it's cute and very Eastery ! You were very creative with the parsley on the turnip/carrot dish, I like it !
    Ah ! I understand the affliction, I have it too !
    Happy Easter !

  11. Oh what an amazing post! Love your pictures...also the bunny made of parsley ...sweet!


  12. Lovely, bright and colourful! Yes, if you're a blogger you have to photograph flowers before you give them, and cakes before you eat them! Hope you had a happy weekend, Karen.
    Helen x

  13. Karen, that bunny face did make me smile. It's great to let spontaneity free. Hope you had a great weekend.

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  15. The flowers are so colorful and dreamy,Karen. I believe that your sister -in-law will be very happy with the pretty flowers. Yes, I glimpse your siste-in-law's quilt. So cute!
    I do love small things too.
    Now, Cherry blossoms are in full bloom here and there in Japan. I am walking around ,enjoying the flowers every day with my camera this week!! I am going to have enough time to sit and use my computer.
    Have a nice weekend,Karen.


  16. I love how you edited these photos with different 'papers'. So sweet. I know I'm late in posting. Sorry. I missed this one for some reason and had to look at it. :)



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