Friday, April 6, 2012

Moving (Maybe)

For quite a few years, I've been thinking about moving and nattering about it to family and friends. Nattering, but not taking any steps towards making a move happen. I bought my little post-war house thinking it had a certain charm, rather like this birdhouse in my yard. My home's angles are a bit wonky, the old wooden floors creak (in a friendly way, I'd say), and the plaster walls have a bit of a wave to them, but this home has served me well. Better, once the windows were replaced and and the small kitchen was revamped!

It's been almost 20 years since I moved here. I still remember the first night. My friends had helped me move; my brother drove the small rental truck and my sister-in-law provided the strawberry pies to fortify all of us. When everyone left, I curled up on the sofa in a fetal position (things were piled on the bed) and wondered why I had left my apartment!

I may have skipped from my province to a western one and back again (twice), but those decisions to go where the jobs were seemed easier than deciding to actively search for a new house in the same city. I guess I find a fair degree of comfort in the familiar.

However, it's time for a new home. That is, providing I find just the right one. I've been scurrying about, looking at neighbourhoods, trying to sort out just what I would like for the next indeterminate chunk of time. Maybe one person doesn't really need a lot of space, but I'm looking for more than my current 1000 square feet and a bit of a view. Not the acres that some of you may have, just a lot where I can plant some tulips, peonies, roses, the occasional tomato and see something worth looking at beyond the property line.

I'll do some more dashing about next week, looking for my next nest.
 The search continues.
Don't hold your breath!

Thoughts on moving? I'd love to hear them.


  1. We had that discussion this week, but the mere thought of moving, after living in the same house for almost 23 years, makes me weak, in more ways than one. :)

    All the best and have a blessed weekend.

  2. Hi Karen, Good luck to you! If it feels right, go for it. Don't be paralyzed by fear of the move itself. I personally think of moving when we retire, or being snowbirds, but I wonder who would care for the feral cats that I currently take care of. Also, what would become of my garden? Would it be lovingly cared for or allowed to become a weed patch or simply grassed over? It's tough to make these decisions but look at both your mind and your heart: analysis and emotion.
    Happy Easter! Beth

  3. I don't know what I'm going to do yet. But wherever it is, there will be lots of flowers!

  4. Karen, look for a place with a fence and a barn. Ha ha, only kidding.
    If you find a place that's for you, you will know it. Then go ahead. Otherwise, wait for the right one.

  5. I'm the wrong one to ask. There have been so many houses in my life that I've lost count. We've been at Pondside for 9 years and I have to admit to perusing the real estate papers and MLS website every week.
    Go for it - if you find the place that says 'I'm it' then make the leap!

  6. We have been married almost 35 years and have lived in the same house all that time! Our house is now 39 years old but it sits on 2/3 of an acre in the country and we're only 15 minutes from the city. You can't beat that! I hope you find a very special place where you can grow whatever you want! Pamela

  7. Hey Karen.
    Very nice / different birdhouse you have.
    I have three little bird houses, just at present. there are a few who might want to move in - building nests.
    I / We have no plans to move.
    We have had a cottage on an island in the Limfjord (Fur) but we sold a few years ago.
    We are you "silver" - retirees, so hope to remain until we should be worn away.
    Use Google translate to write English - hope that it is correctly translated?
    Ønskerdig a good day / continuing good Easter.
    Hugs Hanne Bente

  8. One of my favourite Sunday afternoon activities involves visiting Open Houses. I think because I live in a townhouse with few architecturalyl redeeming features, I love to dream.... My place does back out onto a ravine which is the main reason I love living where I do.
    I understand about the space - my home has closets only in the bedrooms and as a result, the entire basement has become a large storage unit! The open houses have provided me with a great list of 'must haves' and 'can live withouts'.

    Have fun searching!

  9. Hi, Karen.
    Now I am remembering how many times I moved through Japan since my childhood.
    Before my marriage, I moved many times with my parents as my father was a businessman. After I got married we moved to new different houses three times for raising our children. Our final place is here in Nara, which is my husband’s hometown. Now I live with my husband and his mother 92 years old. I was sad to say goodbye to my close friends every time when I had to move away, but I am a very positive person. I have been an adventurer to new places. I have been enjoying my hobbies and still keeping in touch with my many friends!
    Be positive, Karen, your life is yours!
    I hope my poor English is not a sort of one up with which you can not put.


  10. Hi Karen,
    I move often. I stay in one place for a month or two then I move again. Then I wake up and think how nice it was to have all the houses I want. I love dreaming! But, I have been in my home almost 30 yrs. and it still works for me. I would love to do the kitchen and bath over. I would be extreamly happy just to clean out the basements and to simplify a little more. I'm working on it! Hope you find something that knocks your socks off! New adventures are so much fun. Happy Easter..



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