Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spray Away on a Summer Day

 If you spend enough time around certain people, you're bound to be influenced.
There are plenty of them who can create wonders with a can of spray paint.
With that inspiration, I was willing to try and
spray away on a summer day.

I took aim yesterday. 
I wasn't creating anything new, just working on developing my trigger finger and renewing a couple of old pieces around the home and garden. Call it the east coast part of my heritage, but a name like "Blue Ocean Breeze" was bound to get my attention. Granted, this soft colour is probably more reminiscent of the Caribbean...

 than the Atlantic.

Enamoured with the colour, I started to spray a black, decorative birdcage, a small plastic pot (just in case I needed it) and an obelisk. Being a bit trigger-happy, I neglected to take a "before" photo. Just imagine the obelisk as once being black, then white, after mother nature and her minions had taken away the original finish.

I do hope that tomato plant grows to appreciate its oceanic support.

As for the bird cage, I hung it in the lilac tree.
For now.

Would you leave it in a tree, put a plant inside, maybe a flameless candle...
If you have any ideas, do pass them on, please.

Meanwhile, I'll go and try to get the remaining flecks of  "Blue Ocean Breeze" off my fingers...

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  1. Such a pretty colour - a lot like a mountain lake in Banff! You'll have fun filling the cage - perhaps a ceramic bird, but I think a trailing plant would be good too.

  2. That cage looks great! Maybe a plant with bright colored flowers, something fuschia or yellow? I like candles too but I usually get bored looking at them after a while.

  3. I love that colour and that you used it on that birdcage!!! I, too, have been totally influenced by the blogs I read. Lately I've been painting almost everything off-white or aqua (???!!) and I LOVE it.

    so happy to be influenced by such a talented group of people - BLOGGERS ROCK!!!

    Have a great day!


  4. I love the color of the bird cage, I would be inclined to put a plant in there too! Thank you for sharing, you are an inspiration to a new blogger.

  5. The bird cage and tomato cage turned out lovely. I would make some sort of vignette in the cage ... a trailing plant, a ceramic bird, and a small wooden item (perhaps a flat birdhouse, a couple of little garden tools) or a small glass totem. Looking forward to seeing what you choose to do.

  6. Love the Blue Ocean Breeze you used on the bird cage. There are endless possibilities for decorating it. I would probably put a plant in it. I have a small one in the house that I put a little bird and nest in. Have fun decorating it!

  7. I am such a scaredy cat when it comes to painting. I have a tiny little shelf and a can of paint sitting here for months. I need to get outside and spray it. I do have gloves ready as well ;-) I would definitely fill the bird cage with flowers. xo

  8. I love the blue color. Spray paint is fun and easy. I like bird cages empty.

  9. One of my favorite colors. They turned out so pretty! Thanks for stopping by with your comment.


  10. Very pretty color! Love what you did with it, so creative!

  11. What a pretty color you chose!!

    I'd put a little fern in the birdcage; as I think that blue color and green are so striking together :)

    Smiles :)

  12. Such a beautiful color! I do so enjoy your blog--it's just my style. I've selected you for a Sunshine Award. Visit my blog at to learn more. Congratulations!


  13. I love it! That color really pops in the landscape and I think your tomatoes will be very happy with their new look! You have inspired me to go find a can of spray paint!

  14. Love the color you chose! Did you get the paint off? Enjoy your weekend.

  15. I love this colour Karen, you might have given me some ideas for my garden :)
    I love the photo of the ocean with the big rocks, it's beautiful !

  16. It looks beautiful Karen. I have been doing the same thing with some metal planters I had laying around. It's a bit addictive isn't it. I put a plant in my bird cage on the patio. As the temps get hotter here I may have to just hang it in a tree as well. Good luck getting the specks off your I try to put on plastic gloves when I spray paint or I wear it on my fingers for the next few days.

  17. Its awesome . I am currently waiting for the primer to finish drying so I can spray paint my birdcage maroon. I paid $1 !!! At a garage sale for my huge one what a steal. I think you should put bird seed and feeder along the inside edges all around it and maybe clip on bird snacks to attract real birds. I think that would make a lovely photo. Good luck.



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