Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Peonies, Pitchers and Piping Hot Muffins

My two largest peony bushes are quickly coming to the end of their flowering season.
That leaves two others still to be enjoyed.

With the recent storms, I've taken to bringing plenty of the blooms indoors to enjoy. I tend to gravitate to white pitchers and the turquoise one with the peony motif.

Of course, feathering one's nest means perfuming the house with something from the oven.  
Let's not leave that job solely to the pink peonies.

Spiced Apple Muffins.

The recipe is from Company's Coming: Muffins and More by Jean Paré.

It may be raining heavily outdoors, but I have peonies, pitchers and piping hot muffins.
 Care to join me?

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  1. If you were closer, I would come right over! The peonies look beautiful in the white pitcher and the muffins sure look good.
    I would stop over to see you on Facebook too but I'm not a member.

  2. Your peonies are gorgeous in the white pitcher and the muffins looks delicious. Wish I could stop in. Enjoy!

  3. In regardless of the weather, both peonies and muffins are equally beautiful! Love your turquoise pitcher... everything looks very nice in your picture. Love to follow your blog to see more of your beautiful creations in the future.

  4. Peonies are a flower I have never grown. I think I will try once our Winter is over Down Under. Yours look so pretty!
    And those muffins...hmmmm, delicious :)

  5. Your peonies are stunningM such a pretty colour too and with the white and turquoise pitchers - fabulous! Scrummy looking muffins too!
    Victoria xx

  6. Love the peonies! Peonies are my craze forever! Muffins look delish :o) Need one too :o) Wish you having a warm and sunny day

  7. Hi Karen
    I'd be over in a jiffy if possible. I spent 3+ hours pruning lilacs this morning, even managed a blister.
    My peonies are just starting, I love this time of year!

  8. Your peonies placed with the pictures are beautiful and your muffins look delicious. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!

  9. Definately going out in a few to collect my peonies for indoors too! thanks so much for sharing over here at this weeks garden party! xoox, tracie

  10. Hi Karen, What a catchy post title! I love the peonies in the pitcher and the muffins look amazing. Good luck on your camera quest - I would not be of any help as I still use a point and shoot. Karen, you inquired about the reason one would build a round barn. I don't know. I do know it was a big deal when this particular barn was completed in 1918. There was a barn dance inside to celebrate! Have a great wknd!

  11. Karen,

    Hope you are well this morning.

    Just wanted to say I love those apple muffins,
    I can almost taste them
    and your peonies - I am so so jealous,
    I still only have one small bud!!!

    Happy weekend

    Fiona x

  12. Sounds right over, I adore apple muffins! Your peonies are beauties!



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