Monday, June 4, 2012

Now on Facebook: Another Experiment!

It was one of those cold, damp weekends when I needed a pet project. I had plenty of options:
clean the house
do laundry
write cards
paint a mirror
clear out the basement...

The list continues on at some length. However, I decided to make a Facebook page for my blog, with the help of a few Google searches.

I've noticed that some people have a page, I needed a diversion and this idea fit the bill!

I made a badge for my sidebar, on the right, and it links to my Facebook blog page. If you are a Facebook person (or even if you aren't), maybe you'll humour me and take a look.

Let's just call this another experiment. Almost one year ago (June 18th, 2011) I started this blogging adventure and have enjoyed it very much. 

A big thank you to those who have chosen to "follow" recently. I appreciate every visit I receive.

Your turn. Have you tried anything new lately?


  1. I was able to look at your Facebook page through hubby's FB - wow! I need to learn to do this, do I need a personal FB page or this is set up specifically for the blog?

  2. I can't believe this becase I just set up a page yesteray
    and added it a few minutes ago!!

    I will like your page now!


  3. I really like your page. I need to join Facebook but that will have to wait.
    Have a good week.

  4. I have such mixed feelings on FB. I realize it would be to my benefit to create a page just as you have I just have not made the leap in my mind to do it. Getting accepted to BlogHer publishing nearly did me in and when I checked off all those n/a to social media I knew I was a dinosaur.

  5. Your way ahead of me!!! I am not on facebook or twitter-maybe I should try to catch up with everyone else!

    Your garden is looking pretty-love your poppies and roses.


  6. Good for you! I've been thinking about doing that but didn't know how. I'll go on over and join you and take a look. Was it difficult or complicated to do? Is it similar to making a personal page? Curious Pamela :)

  7. Great FB page! Looking forward to the answers to the comments, I had similar questions.



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