Tuesday, June 12, 2012

❀Feature Your Photo (Friday on Facebook): An Invitation!

As some of you know, "My Little Home and Garden" is now on Facebook!  
It's been there since June 2, 2012. Just a baby, really.

Drop by the "My Little Home and Garden" Facebook page anytime, here, or by linking directly using the Facebook badge in the right hand margin. Fridays will be extra special.
 Please have a snack while you read the details.

On "Feature Your Photo (Friday on Facebook)" you are welcome to post an original photo (and a comment about your choice) on My Little Home and Garden's Facebook page. If it is a shot from your blog, please say so. That way guests can find their way over to you to see more!

One photo. Quick. Easy.

 In the interest of harmonious international relations, let's make that Friday  
wherever you are in the world!
We'll start this week, on Friday, June 15th, 2012.
Every Friday. At least until further notice!

(Perhaps I need this new project as I've sent "Sunlit Sunday" on vacation until next winter!)

 Think about it, please.
This could be fun!


  1. Best of luck with this project. I'm not a huge Facebook user so will opt out of this one.

  2. I wish you success with the project, not sure I have time to participate but will visit your FB page next time I am over there! Maybe I can ask you to return the gesture for my own FB Page? http://www.facebook.com/NewsFromItaly

  3. Sounds very fun :o) Hope I`ll find something to share :o)
    We had such a terrible storm here in Moscow with ice drops. I and my husband were staing at our balcony and keeping the outdoor plants covered :o) It was fun, but no one can take a shot ;o)
    Have a nice evening

  4. I would love to join you, Karen, but I'm not on Facebook "yet".

  5. Hi Karen,

    This sounds like a great idea! I am on Facebook, but my account is locked down to friends only and not for public viewing.

    1. Hi, Donna

      Just to clarify, all privacy settings on people's Facebook profiles are still intact when you use the "My Little Home and Garden" Facebook page. It is not a profile, it is a page. (My personal Facebook is also still private.)

      A person can hit "Like" on the page or just comment without "liking". It isn't the same as when you get a "Friend" on Facebook and then they can access your profile.

      I hope that makes sense! Bottom line, your account would still be as private as the settings you have chosen make it! :)

  6. I'll be interested to see how this idea works out. I keep Facebook very separate from blogging - Facebook is for family and friends, blogging is out there for everyone. I'd sooner come and see photos via links on your blog than through Facebook. Just my own feelings, here.

  7. Donna,
    Thanks for coming by my blog. The Friday project sounds interesting. I'm both on Facebook and have a page as well. So cool. I Love your Italy pictures. I was just there two months ago. LOVED it.


  8. I'll probably pop over if I remember to do it. Maybe a little reminder on Thursday? Thanks!

  9. Oh you're a teaser! You have dessert shown on this post, and I just had my dinner :-) Not fair, I want a piece.

    Sound like fun for Facebook Friday! If I could remember or have time, I will visit for sure!

  10. Sounds challenging and intriguing. I hope I can rearrange things to take part. Your blog is lovely.



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