Friday, February 8, 2013

One Quick Photo

Just one quick photo and a brief message to say that "Sunlit Sunday" will be up and running at 8 pm (EST) on Saturday. Thank you to all who participated during the past two weeks while I was away in Arizona. I appreciate that you kept things going.

New people are always welcome to join in this meme. See here for the details. Let's brighten up February together!


  1. Wow!! What a post. The sky is looking so nice. Thank you.

  2. Hi Karen. What a pretty ski and silhouette of the tree. I hope I can find something sunny to link up. I'll have to dig into my archives.

  3. I like the colours in your photo and the tree has such a nice shape.
    Are you back already? Time sure flies when you're having fun. See you Sunday, I've already posted for it. :-)

  4. I like this sky photo Karen. Have a great weekend.

  5. Great photo Karen.

    Hope all is well and that your trip went well.

    What's your weather like?
    Is it very cold?
    Dull and raining here this morning.

    Have a good weekend and I'll pop back tomorrow to visit your sunlit post.


  6. Dear Karen,i hope you had a good time on your trip!Your sky photo is amazing!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!



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