Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Little Knitted Baby Sweater

Although I've completed a couple of scarves this winter (here and here) some knitting projects have been lingering in baskets, incomplete. For a long time. For a very long time. Don't ask, just think back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

One piece of work was a baby sweater, known to me as "Neglected-Knitting-Project-1". It didn't get completed before the birth of one little girl and was put away. This week, I picked it up and sorted out where I'd left off, way back when.

There wasn't too much to do. A second sleeve was finished, then all of the bits and pieces of diamonds and ruffles were ready to be assembled.

The seams were sewn,

and the buttons were stitched into place.

Here's the result.
All I need now is the right little girl to wear it.

On to "Neglected-Knitting-Project-2"!

Does anyone else have a neglected project of some kind?

Note: This pattern is from a Canadian booklet published by Paton's, entitled Red, White and Blue. The sweater is called "Peplum Jacket". 


  1. That is an adorable little pink sweater. I'm not sure about having neglected projects. I'm just finishing up another dolly cradle and doll, got a sweater to seam up and a hat to finish. Hopefully they will all be done within the next few days.

  2. The sweater is so sweet and beautiful! I love it, Karen.

  3. Oh - such a girlie girl sweater - whoever "she" is will love it!

  4. Oh my gosh, that is the sweetest, most adorable thing I've seen all week! It's just darling. I have several neglected projects around ~ some have been neglected for years. Oh well.

  5. Dear Karen,it's so beautiful and so sweet!It reminds me the things i use to knitt for my granddaughter!!And those little buttons ,are so cute!You are so talented!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  6. This is a really sweet pattern Karen and I love the little heart buttons. Someone will be lucky when you gift the sweater for a new princess.

  7. Good Evening Karen, what a lovely pattern for a baby girl and complete with gorgeous little heart buttons. I have a few unfinished projects which I must get around to. I know I will finish them at some's just I'm not sure when (oh dear).
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  8. That is such a sweet sweater. Lucky little girl who gets to wear it. I have lots of neglected projects, knitting, sewing, embroidery - I'm working slowly away at them.

  9. That is a fine baby sweater for a pre-historic knitter. Thank you for your sweet comment today about Clovis. xo, olive

  10. Hi Karen,
    You did it! Good for you! You are a very beautiful knitter...The little sweater is darling! Love the heart buttons so adorable, that baby pink is one of my favourite colours! Can't wait to see what you complete next!
    All the Best,

  11. Karen, this sweater is so pretty in colour and pattern. I love the tiny heart buttons. I hope you find a little baby girl that can wear it. Pamela

  12. That's so pretty. I can't imagine be able to make something so beautiful. Any baby girl would be lucky to have this! Sweet little buttons! Do I have neglected projects?!! LOL Just posted about a few :)

  13. Hahahahaha heee heee ho ho ho hahahaha - ONE neglected project - oh you slay me. Well, matter of fact I do. But you don't want to be bored with my list - and it might overload your server - so let me say - I have an afghan to finish - some quilt tops to finish up and a couple craft projects that could use some attention. Oh hahahahahaha - you are a funny girl - a neglected project. :-)

    Love that sweater - it is precious.

  14. Beautiful sweater Karen, I have more then one neglected project... One is now 16 years old .. I do take it out every once in a while and do a few more rows. I also have an afghan that I have been knitting so long that I have changed my colour scheme in my living room 3 times since I started it... Yes I have many neglected projects.

  15. Your lovely baby sweater makes me want to knit again but then I remember how small the yarn is and always thought it would take forever to knit.

  16. Adorable little pink sweater you made :) Hanne Bente

  17. This is such an adorable little baby sweater! You have finished it beautifully! Yes, I have an unfinished knitting project lurking here...a scarf which has a fascinating leaf edge....I need to order more wool to finish it so it will probably be ready for next winter now!
    Wishing you a happy sunny weekend, Karen.
    Helen x

  18. Oh this is so sweet and feminine and lovely! :) No, as soon as I start a project I keep at it and complete it right away....NOT!!!! :)

  19. What a beautiful, little sweater. The buttons are perfect :) It may take a long time to get there, but the satisfaction you feel when you finally finish a never ending project is second to none, isn't it! :) Elisabeth x

  20. This is sooooo pretty ! I love the buttons and the colour is perfect, a beautiful soft pink. And I love how you photographed this little sweater :)



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